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The Dhofar wind power plant starts generating electricity

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An advanced step towards the complete operation of this plant, the first wind power station at the level of utilities in the Arabian Gulf region, of Of૦ MW, has begun to generate the first kilowatt electricity.
The plant, which is being developed by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), a leading national organization supporting economic and social development initiatives worldwide, launched Oman's main power distribution network last week with the launch of the first wind turbine inside the plant and clean electricity production. Is attached. The other 12 turbines inside the plant will be commissioned, tested and connected to the network, gradually reaching commercial operations later this year.
Masdar is responsible for the development of the project and has been awarded engineering, procurement and construction of a consortium of international companies, including General Electric and TSK. Once fully operational, the plant is expected to generate electricity to meet the needs of 16,000 homes, which is about 7% of the total energy demand in the Dharfar government, as well as helping to prevent the release of about 110,000 tonnes of CO2. And reduces the dependence on natural gas for electricity generation.
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) General Manager Mohammed Saif Al Suvedi said: “ADFD has given priority to the funding of renewable energy projects to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As part of our efforts to support the development of sustainable energy solutions globally, the Fund has established a local and global partnership that has led to the implementation of renewable energy projects in a number of countries with a total production capacity of 2,584 MW. "
He pointed out that the launch of the first turbine at a 50માં MW Dhofar wind power plant is an important new step in the development journey for 48 years, emphasizing that the goal of this strategic project is to support the achievement of the seventh UN goal of providing energy savings, clean at affordable prices, કરવા To increase productivity, create new jobs and c Tanatamam to contribute to Sustainable Development.
"Masdar is proud to develop the first utility scale wind power plant in the Arabian Gulf region," said Mohammad Jamil Al Ramahi, CEO of Masdar. Connecting the first wind turbine of the Dhofar power plant to the grid is an important step for Oman to fulfill its ambitions to diversify the energy mix to include the latest energy sources.
As a global leader in the development of commercially viable wind energy projects, Masdar is committed to applying the latest clean and innovative technologies to its projects in the region and the world, and contributing to the widespread deployment of these technologies and enhancing its commercial viability.
OPWP The power generated by the plant will be empowered to buy from Oman's Rural Area Electricity Company (Tanveer), which, upon completion, is responsible for the management of the wind power plant.
He said d. Manar Al-Munif, CEO of GE Renewable Energy in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey: “We have made a breakthrough in the implementation of the Dhofar wind power plant by generating the first kilowatt-hour electricity from a total M૦ MW power plant. Dharfar Oman with clean energy.


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