Friday , January 28 2022

The government was trying to save Lebanon


"Development and Liberation" A member of the Hani Khabezi MP "Need to speed up the formation of the government to rescue Lebanon, especially in the light of the realities of economic reality" and "wonderfully" different levels.

In a speech delivered at a memorial in the Ain Khana town, everyone who "takes responsibility to sacrifice and forsake for Lebanon", "do they want to trouble all," criticizing the legislation sessions of the Congregation?

"Everybody who disables institutions remains in a questionable position, and legislation is a country and a citizen." The Draft Law submitted to the Development Department for the development and liberty on the need for all projects and projects in the state and municipalities to steal people's money in this country and the fight against corruption is a necessity for solidarity and solidarity of all blocks, No one is allowed to conceal the strategies and teachings to cover. "

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