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The map of General Electric Road in Lebanon strengthens the energy sector


Alsumaria News / Baghdad
GE said that the road map is being discussed in order to strengthen the energy sector in Lebanon. General Electricity has a strong presence in the Lebanese energy sector, according to General Manager's Energy Services Business.

I discussed a comprehensive program for the vision and support of the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water Project, which was established in 2010 to develop Lebanese energy through the network of refineries in the Lebanese energy sector, "the company said in a statement adopted by the Alzamaria News. This program, organized by the Ministry of Energy and Water, Visited attendance. Ambassador of the United States of America Lebanon Zesar Abi Khaleel, Elizabeth Richard and many officers were present. Government Officials, Industrialists, Owners, Power Plant Operators, LEP Engineers, Contractors, Developers,

Our main priority is to strengthen the infrastructure in the power sector to face current fate based on the importance of energy for development of national infrastructure in various sectors, "Abu Khaleel said. The improvement in the energy sector Lebanese cooperates with a comprehensive roadmap and technology and general companies like General Electric, which are in line with our goals to ensure the sustainability of the energy sector. "

Between 2018 and 2021, electricity demand is expected to grow by 5% to 3% between 2021 and 2030.

Challenges related to the generation of energy produced are network related issues, network network, network infringement etc.

Several suggestions, including the roadmap, include:

Three gear filling stations, including 1.5 gigabytes of fast power generation technologies, new fuel, light diesel, natural gas and wind power plants that help short-term energy production.

To increase the capacity of 1.3 GWW through the development of new compost cycle plants, integrate simple bicycle stations to integrated cycles, to generate large amounts of power without increasing fuel consumption, establishing a new wind power plant in the medium term

2.7 GW through new cycle stations for Lebanon's energy needs And will provide long-term renewable energy production systems.

To improve network performance by expanding up to six substations, installing 17 new substations and establishing a integrated power management system that enables the Ministry to recognize the lost areas of the network.

General Electricity has a strong presence since the launch of the first steam turbine and the first gear gas turbine in the Lebanese energy sector in 1987, "said General Medath Al Maribi, general manager of GE Energy Services Business Unit in the Middle East, North Africa and Iraq, in Lebanon in 1996."

"Today, he contributes to improving the energy sector by providing a comprehensive road map aimed at bringing electricity across Lebanon today and establishing solid foundations that support social development process in the future."

GE has a strong presence in 20 countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. GE has been supporting the development of the energy sector for more than 80 years.

GE's gas and steam turbans are now more than 360 consumers in the region, contributing about one-third of the energy it generates.

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