Tuesday , May 17 2022

The Missing Persons Act is not in conflict with the prisoners' prisoners


He was speaking at the assembly session of the evening led by Lebanese faunch party MP Sami Jameel. Click & # 39; The party fully backs up the adoption of the law of rape, because we understand the pains suffering and their deep cuts, which is 28 years late. .

"In all the countries of the world who do not happen in Lebanon, we are trying to adopt transformational systems and we will take this step.

This issue can not be confused with the problems of the prisoners in the Syrian jails, especially some politicians involved in the relationship with the Syrian state, to deal with this issue and deen of the captives of the Syrian prison prisoners, "he said.

The speaker spoke to the speaker in the evening on the issue of missing people in Cyprus. How they found 85 percent of the remains of the Nadi Jameel, the Cyprus and the missing Turks?

We've met with many missing people. This is part of a great reconciliation not in the process of digging up the graves, "he said.

He took the initiative to write all the names of victims for all Christian and Muslim Muslims to overcome the wounds of the war.

The head of the Faland party said in a statement that the state's revenue deficit in the first half of 2018 decreased in revenue and revenue. At the entrance of the economic crisis, Lebanon asks for self defense. Historical and can not delay the formation of the government. "

Political bias, economic and economic bias should be distinguished from the political crisis, an urgent formation of skilled workers looking at economic and financial documents.

"This change should be discussed in the presence of all the elite and parliamentary blocks, wherever we are staying, we will stay there", as Lebanon's term is over, can not form a government in a short period of time called the President, it's going to happen for a while, Lebanon needs structural change.

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