Monday , June 14 2021

The national team are preparing for the UAE game

The national football team in Dubai is preparing for the friendly match of the UAE. On Tuesday, Yemen was at 5:25.

Players of the night training at the UAE football stadium, strategic projects of the coach, preoccurrence of the theory before the training, pressured pressure, bounce speed, defensive attacks, and attacks. .

Competition against the emirate is the second friendship for our friendly competitions within five days. After the Saudi match in Dammam last Friday, we lost our team for a clean goal.

The team will move to Riyadh Wednesday afternoon that our training team will be started by the team earlier this month.

Thanks to the National Team for preparing preparations for the Emirates Competition in Gulf 365. You can tell that this content has been compiled by Arab Yemen and that it has been fully transferred to you. You can also read the progress of this news and read Yemen Arabian sources. The content of this news with the best wishes of good news.

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