Sunday , August 1 2021

There is a solution here for infinity to sleep without insomnia

British Sleep Expert, Katrina Ladrell offers unique advice to help people sleep with confusing ideas through a mind-based strategy of "commitment therapy".

In his new book Sleep Sense, Katrina presents sleep strategies based on the principles of "acceptance and commitment therapy".

In this type of treatment, in part, people can help identify and accept negative thoughts and make changes in their lives.

Slip experts have suggested this simple two-part strategy to stop your mind from thinking:

Step 1: Evaluate Your Thoughts and Emotions

There are many issues that can cause insomnia, because you may be excited to become a father or to receive an offer, or you will be concerned about losing your job or facing problems related to your emotional relationship.

Your thoughts are negative or positive, do not ignore them. The thoughts that pass through emotions in your mind can be in the realization and control of your mind.

Ledrele wrote, "Go and go to emotions and sensations, and stay as they are."

She said, "It's like sitting in Armchair to see who comes in that room." You said that you do not talk to your emotions or feelings or deal with it, you can recognize it and allow it to exist.

Step Two: Accept the thoughts and feelings

Let these ideas continue. This can be difficult, but try it anyway. Your goal will ask whether your thoughts are valid or relevant, which will disappoint you because you do not sleep and think about the day. Next.

Let those disappointments. These disappointments are just a way of avoiding the notion of illusions and difficult ideas.

Instead, accept any feelings you have experienced and any thoughts you may think about. Once you accept these feelings, then you will come closer to accept other things such as you can not control past events and what will happen in the future.

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