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There is no desire to take cartyar training in Egypt after Ahli

Now you are following his agent: after Cartier El Ahli did not ask for training in Egypt and we assure you that we always want to provide you with everything new and specific and now with details

Cairo – By Rami Fawzi – Editor: Saad Eddin Mahmood 26 November 2018 – 04:22 p

The former agent of the Al Ahli Club, French agent Patrice Cautieran Nabil Nabil said that the process of terminating the contract with the Red Club will end on Monday morning after meeting with Khadde al-Darandli, Al-Hamra fortress treasurer. Al-Ahli Club, led by Mahmood Khatib, decided to drop the French team, Patricia Cartier from his team after leaving the Arab League against Al-Wassel, which came weeks after losing the Aspen to the African Champions League.

During the phone call on the Sunday episode of "On" program presented by Obi game journalist Ahmed Schubert, Nabin confirmed that the cartrine was happy with the honorable treatment received from the management of Al Ahli Club even after the decision to expel him a few days ago. Explaining the costs of Ehli's technical leadership, which was spent by the French coach

During a telephone conversation on Sunday, Nabie asserted that Cartier is happy with the respected treatment received from the club's management after the decision to remove it a few days ago.

He talked about the time spent by the French coach on the head of the technical leadership of Al Ahli, explaining that he had met Kharatb at Al Wasal on Thursday, and presented Carter with the full plan of assistance required by the team in the next period of the players and the January transfer. .

Asked about the offers received after his departure, his agent said he had received an oral offer from Ismaili and Al-Masri, and some of the North African clubs have received some external offers, but after the push, he wants to get some rest in the present time. "I do not think there is an option in Egypt for just Cartieran Al Ahli»

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