Saturday , February 27 2021

They bought cars from the tire and decided to sell them in the beacon

Information Division of the Internal Security Division has information on a citizen who hires Duster jeep in a car rental office in the Sir Sena. The Security Force's General Directorate said that he was not informed of the schedule and he was informed about his purpose to rent a car from the car rental office.

15/8/2018 and the town of Arab towns were arrested as a result of intensive follow-up programs. T (A Lebanese in 1996) decided to sell a car with a identity card and market license for a solar license to rent another car and sell it to Aik, HZ.

When asked about him, he admitted:

– They possess his identity and market license (MS.

– His real name (MH, born in 1998, Syrian)

Two of them are waiting for the girlfriend at Kufrahman in Renault Duster jeep, and the rest will be sold for the sale of cars for sale.

On the same day and in the cuffman round, the division stopped at 18:00:

– p. G (born in 1997, Lebanese)

– MS. (Born in 2000, Lebanese)

Alonso Duster, a car that was hired in the first five days of the tire was stolen.

In their queries, they knew the purpose of selling cars to Bikuwa, and they offered to sell two cars rented from Beirut and southern provinces a week ago.

While searching for the "Renault" vehicle, it saw a rope in the back of the roof of the roof.

The responsibility of the inquiry is under the supervision of the Illegal Judiciary. The rest of those involved are still being arrested.

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