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This series «Shahruura» condemns his father … and has sold all the support he has given

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Singer, Joanna Fagli, sister of Sister's sister Sabah, confirms that Sabah was a lover of her brothers and her family. She pointed out that she is a "connected family", which suggests that the series "Shahrukhara" abused her father and put it in place of a cruel father. .

During his interview with the media, on the "The Morning," program on Rehman Ibrahim, a special news event, his father was technically promoting Sabah and he was very trustworthy. "She sold everything she had to come to Egypt and supported her in her talent."

She explains that Sabah's father was observing her release and she was with her during the filming, showing that she completely stopped her from "bosses in movies", then "the directors were frustrated by them, but after accepting a time."

She said that Sabah's mother loves him very much and she is very attached to her and says: "Sabah gave her love to heritage." She explained that Sabah's sister Lemia Fiddle was a famous and important actress in Lebanon, but Sabah did not help because Lemia likes to stay in Lebanon. Living in Egypt

An incident for Sabah with Farid al-Atras has been suggested that he was part of the committee formed to accept Sambah's voice on the radio, "The building is dependent on his young age, and your voice is counted as goats," says He noted that he had released a movie with him. Farid al-Athrashi, and agreed, but it is necessary that his name be placed in the foreground, as he was reminded of this incident.

Sabah's sister's daughter said, "Shahruña had the best hope even in the end of her life, and she was very optimistic about life even during her illness."

Janet Girigas Figali is the true name of Lebanese artist Sabah. She was born in Lebanon on November 10, 1927, and she died in Beirut on November 26, 2014, and was buried on 30 November 2014.

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