Friday , August 19 2022

To drink tea for tea



In many countries, especially Arab origins, eating habit of eating tea after a meal has been reported, but many medical studies and damages reveal the effects of human health.

There are many people that have a shortage of drinking water after lunch. Accuracy of this topic proves. But what does it mean to drink tea?

A report on a health-related website revealed four serious health effects of tea after tea:

Life is alive

Tea leaves are acidic in nature. Additionally, eating the food or other food directly affects digestion in the human body.

If your diet contains proteins, it is the most common food. It is difficult to remove the protein structure of acids in tea because it is difficult to change.

Block iron absorption

The ingredients in the ingredients of the food are also in the tea. It is absorbed in the body in sufficient quantities.

Irene is an important component of the formation of erythrocytes that carry oxygen to the cells in the body. Loss of iron in blood may cause death.

Problems with the heart and arrogance

Post-food tea is high after a diet that can cause health problems related to heart attack, pottery and arteries.

Endophygal cancer

However, according to Chinese medical research, hotter consumption may cause adolescent fertility.

After 3 hours

But some studies have confirmed Tea's health benefits. But take the right time at least two hours or so before 3 pm.

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