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Today .. Presentation and discussion "Lunch Id" Cairo "film"

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On Friday, November 23, 2018, presenting and discussing "Lunch of Feast" from Homeland's site in "Cairo Film Festival".

Lebanese film "Lunch of the Fiest" by Lucien Borshell, who participates in the Arab Cinema Horizon competition during the 40th session of the Cairo Film Festival, will appear in the third phase of the festival, from the Dubai Film Festival

The film is Josephine, who is gathering his family for the first time in two years. She is delighted to reunite her family at the Easter lunch table. Virtual happiness hides the atmosphere of tension in the family. An easy event is enough to bring a radical change in their lives. The film includes Farah Shahar, Sam Boutos, Jenny Jabbarah, Hussein Hijazi, Ghasan Shamali and Tony Habib.

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