Monday , August 15 2022

UAE begins 22 development and development projects in Lebanon


Abu Dhabi Ambassador in Beirut: UAE's brothers lead to sustainable development of friendly and friendly countries

Beirut – Baddi Karani, (Agencies)

The UAE Ambassador to Lebanon Republic Muhammad Saeed Al Shamsi inaugurated 22 development and development projects. Prime Minister Sadri Hariri also inspected the campaign of Sheikh Fatima for early detection of women and children in a place called Mahamara-Akkar for two projects in the northern and the Akkar governors.

The UAE's leadership is of great importance to this health, development and education program. Because the UAE is a fan of this country. It always strives to serve human beings through their own programs, "said Ambassador Al Shamsi.

"We can not thank the leadership of Shake Fatima," said minister of state for refugees in Lebanon Movin Maroubi.

The ambassador Al-Shamsi checked the "Sheikh Fathima Yardine Detention Campaign for Women and Children" after Baku, Jib Jenin, and Tripoli. Al Mumra Akkar municipality was a human rights activist in the presence of Moin Al-mubi. Al Qaeda Ahmad Al Mare, Mayor's, Mukhtar, Lebanese and Syrian people.

With the participation of doctors, volunteers, nurses and administrators, the support of Syed Al Atha, General Women's Union and the Lebanon Center for Volunteerism with the UAE's primary role in solving the suffering of the patients, thousands of children, children and older people can join. Focusing on culture, culture, culture, and culture in different countries, communities, and communities around the world.

Al Shamsi explained about the progress of work, tests and health services provided by Al-Shamsi.

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