Friday , January 27 2023

USA bans sale of Huawei phone



US President Donald Trump has announced that Huawei will be allowed to sell its equipment in its territory after the United States is listed as a black business entity in the United States.

After the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, after negotiating with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Donald said that the US would allow the sale of Huawei phones, but there were no safety issues.

After that, Panasonic Electronics announced Japan that Huawei's hardware would be discontinued after Google stopped its deals and technical support for Huawei's mobile device.

In May, Facebook announced that it would not pre-load Huawei's future devices, and the new hawaii phones would not come with Facebook, WAP and Instagram.

Despite all the pressure on Huawei, in May announced that the launch of the new smartphone series standard 20 will start from 300 euros and end with 600 euros.

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