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Weather in the Arab world .. It is very warm to continue the climate in most areas of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula (weather Arabs).


On Sunday night, Arab Weather website published the status of weather in Arab countries.


Leven and weather in Egypt:

Sunday .. In most areas of the Levant, moderate weather and summer early days and early morning morning.

Moderate summer atmosphere stays with a high temperature in the early 1920s or early 30th century. Temperatures in the Highlands in areas of Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and West Syria

In the night of the night and on the Syrian coast, in Lebanon, in Palestine, and in some parts of Western Jordan, the humidity rate remains high during the low clouds.

The weather remains relatively hot in Damascus, and in the interior parts of Syria and in some areas the temperature is between mid and 30 degrees Celsius.

There is a possibility of local rainfall on the Syrian coastal parts.

Wet weather in Sinai, usually Delta and northern Egypt, with a warm atmosphere in Cairo and southern Egypt. During the early morning hours, in different parts of smoking or wetting,

Weather in the Gulf States:

Continuous hot weather in most areas of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula

The sky is hot and warm with heavy temperatures in most parts of Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

A poor chance for the emergence of cumulus clouds south of the thousand mountains in Oman.

During the afternoon and evening hours, there is still a chance for hurricanes in the Western Highlands of Yemen and parts of Asir and Jazan highlands in southwest Saudi Arabia.

Winds are active in western areas of Saudi Arabia, especially in roads and offshore areas, due to dirt.

Northern Iraq "Kuwait" parts of Iraq and Kuwait on Monday and on Tuesday the signs of reducing the activity of the remaining parts of the Arabian Gulf.

Weather in Mugrab:

Wet weather with fog in the morning on Tunisia and Algerian beaches … and continuous heat and drought in most of the interior areas of Algeria, Tunisia and Eastern Morocco

In the coastal areas of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, usually the wetlands and low clouds are included.

The weather inside Algeria, Tunisia, and Eastern Morocco remains hot and dry.

On the Atlas Mountains of the Moroccan Kingdom, some cumulus clouds are expected to renew during the afternoon and afternoon hours.

Worldwide Weather:

The warmth of heat from parts of the Western European continent will gradually decrease gradually slowly, gradually gradually decreasing, compared to the last days, when temperature decreases from Monday to the next.

The weather is generally hot in Spain, southern France and parts of Italy, but is less intense than last days.

In Norway and Sweden, with the relatively cold weather expected to rain.

Heavy rain and local level flood and flood warning in Japan.

Hurricanes on the banks of the Gulf of Mexico, in the United States of America and in the northeast of the country.

Sunday, 30-6-2019: Weather and Expected Temperature in Arab Capital and Cities on Sunday

Today's weather in Amman – Jordan:

Weather is often clean.

Maximum temperature in Oman: 30 degrees

Minimum temperature in Amman: 20 degrees

Today's weather in Al-Quds al-Sharif – Palestine:

Scattered clouds

Great temperature in Al-Qud al-Sharif: 29 degrees

Minimum temperature in Al-Qud al-Sharif: 22 °

Today's weather in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia:

Hot weather

Maximum temperature in Riyadh: 45 degrees

Minimum temperature in Riyadh: 29 degrees

Weather in Beirut today – Lebanon:

Weather is often clean.

Heavy temperatures in Beirut: 30 degrees

Minimum temperature in Beirut: 25 degrees

Weather in Damascus – Syria:

Hot weather

Great temperature in Damascus: 36 °

Minimum temperature in Damascus: 19 °

Weather in Baghdad today – Iraq:

Clear weather

Great temperature in Baghdad: 43 °

Minimum temperature in Baghdad: 28 degrees

Today's weather in Kuwait City – Kuwait:

Hot weather

Great temperature in the city of Kuwait:

The minimum temperature in Kuwait City: 34 degrees

Today's weather in Bahrain – Bahrain:

Clear weather

Great temperature in respect: 40 °

Minimum temperature in the heart: 35 degrees

Today's weather in Abu Dhabi – UAE:

Clear weather

Great temperature in honor: 41 °

Minimum temperature in Manaam: 33 degrees

Today's weather in Doha – Qatar:

Hot weather

Heavy temperatures in Doha: 46 °

Minimum temperature in Doha: 32 degrees

Today's weather in Muscat – Amman:

Hot weather

Great temperature in Muscat: 44 °

Minimum temperature in Muscat: 35 degrees

Today's weather in Sanaa – Yemen:

Partly cloudy weather.

Great temperature in the sky: 27 °

Minimum temperatures in the desert: 17 °

Weather in Cairo today – Egypt:

Clear weather

Maximum temperature in Cairo: 37 °

Cairo Min Temperatures: 24 degrees Celsius

Today's Weather in Mogadishu – Somalia:

Rain showers

Heavy temperature in Mogadishu: 28 °

Minimum temperature in Mogadishu: 26 degrees

Today's Weather in Djibouti – Djibouti:

The weather is often cloudy.

Temperatures in Djibouti: 38 degrees

Temperature in Djibouti: 32 degrees

Today's Weather in Khartoum – Sudan:

Active wind

Maximum temperature in the hose: 36 degrees Celsius

Minimum temperature in Khartoum: 28 degrees Celsius

Weather in Tripoli – Libya:

Light rain

Great temperature in Triplei: 31 degrees

The minimum temperature in Tripoli is: 23 degrees

Today's weather in Tunisia – Tunisia:

Clear weather

Heavy temperatures in the city of Tunisian: 34 degrees

Minimum temperature in Tunis city: 21 °

Today's weather in Algiers – Algeria:

Clear weather

Great temperature in algiers: 33 degrees

Minimum temperature in Algiers: 24 °

Today's Weather in Rabat – Morocco:

Partly cloudy weather.

Heavy temperatures in the city of Rabat: 24 °

Minimum temperature in the city of Rabat: 20 degrees

Today's weather in Nouakchott – Mauritania:

Active wind

Great temperature in the boats: 36 degrees

Minimum temperature in the Navochot: 26 degrees

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