Saturday , February 4 2023

What is the Tunisian President's new health status?


The son of Tunisia President Bagey Kaid Sibsi said on Saturday that his father, who suffered severe health conditions on Thursday, "is not in a long time in danger" and may leave the hospital on Monday or on Tuesday.

His father's father, Nada Tunis's central committee chairman, Hafez Kaid al-Sibasi, said, "The president is better off, he is no longer in danger, and we hope he will leave the hospital on Monday or on Tuesday."

Tunisian President announced on Thursday that the 92-year-old leader was "seriously ill" and was transferred to the Tunisian military hospital. Prime Minister Joseph visited him on Friday and visited him to discuss the country's general situation and his health.

Kabad al-Sibasi is the second largest head of the world after Queen Elizabeth II.

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