Thursday , June 8 2023

With the US monetary policy intensifying, gold prices fell one month low


Gold price declined on Monday. Gold price rose 16-month high with the backing of the US Federal Reserve's policy to ease economic policy in Europe.

GMT gold prices in 1844 declined by 0.5 percent to $ 1203.30 a barrel. The minimum monthly price was $ 1201.85 a barrel.

Futures contract fell to $ 5.1 a barrel, or 0.4 percent, to $ 1203.50 august.

The Federal Reserve, which aims to increase interest rates from next month, will accelerate to 2019 by next year. Resulting in strong financial performance and wage pressure.

Due to the increase in the price of other currency traders, the appeal of yellow Lotto decreased, and the dollar index, which rose to the highest level since 2016, measured the power of Greenback after a grade of six major currencies.

Among precious metals, the decline was 0.8 percent. This is the lowest level since September 11.

Panadium rose 1 per cent per ounce to $ 1105 a ounce. Platinum fell below $ 839.50 an ounce per ounce.

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