Saturday , February 27 2021

«Zidane» to protect the «kawak» Bayen Munich, which is continuously approaching

In the German club Bayern Munich, the former manager of Real Madrid decided to appoint Jidinine Zidane. Croatia will lead a team of Nico Cowov. Bayern Munich beat Nico Kowak in the first season of the season, coach. Buten Gomes was fifth in the German League table..

Bayern Munich executive director Carl Heinz, along with Rumaniegne Sidayen Zidane, would be able to put the deal in order to help Coquetu win the team. He said the reasons for looking forward to Zidane were a big achievement for Real Madrid and that three of the Champions League titles will be successful. The strong personality can also control the players of the team..

In the last round of Bundesliga, the Buenos Auckland Borussia Dortmund 2/3 lost. German magazine Kiker revealed that the Beiran government will spend 200 million euros in order to strengthen its forces in Geneva. The supporters of France are Benjamin Baward, Stuttgart, Vazzman Arun Ramsa,.

On the same occasion, Bayern Munich's club captain warns the players that if they continue to make changes in the subsequent summer and do not return to successive victories.

Players can say that they are confronted within the next three or four months, and we can see who can use it. "Said Hoise..

When contract renewals are renewed: In the summer of 2019 Bayern Transfer Market "depends on how it plays," this is emphasized, so any contract will be terminated and the deal ends with any team..

Meanwhile, Luige Jovic, a player from Bayern Munich's club, Inc., franchise, intends to strengthen teams during the upcoming summer transfer period..

The German newspaper Kiker has revealed that he will sign the contract with Colombian striker Khamis Rodríguez instead of signing a deal with Juarez..

The German newspaper reported that the contract was signed with Khamis Rodriguez after the repeated management of Bayern Munich..

Joe, who scored 12 goals in 15 matches in the season, was the top scorer in the German League for nine goals. Becoming the highest scorer in Europe. The five-year-old Rodríguez and Joviq are quite different, and the players in Colombia are actively involved in the game and will pay a lot of money to the players and do not agree well with Bayern Giant's company. Rodriguez is back in Real Madrid, especially after announcing his absence from Bayern until the end of 2018, after the lateral lagment of the left knee.

In June 2017, Jovic moved from Benfica to Franchkoic for two years. The decision to buy the two teams was 21 goals in 42 appearances..

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