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21st Century Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle – Mission (No) Possible?


Expert foodgrains not only maintain human health but also satisfy healthy eating habits.

Expert fooders believe the increase in productivity is not only for maintaining human health but also to satisfy healthy eating habits. / Rita Stankevičiūtė (LZ)

Cancer patients like diabetes, heart attack, and heart disease are the best foods to eat. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), malnutrition and lack of physical activity are at greater risk worldwide. It seems to be not easy – we eat well, move, and keep healthy, but is it really easy?

A study by the European Union Statistical Office Eurostat in 2016 shows that every sixth European country is also a citizen of obesity. This is a serious public health problem. This is a threat to long-term illnesses such as heart disease and other diseases.

In the meantime, one quarter of the world's adult population, or approximately 1.4 billion, does not take adequate time to live physical activity. Lack of physical activity is dangerous for a person such as smoking, diabetes and heart disease. Sometimes there may be serious consequences. Perform walking, jogging, swimming, or other favorite sports games for 20 minutes a day.

Some estimates distract you. European countries are trying European countries on November 8 to strengthen the importance of healthy food.

Healthy foods: apples, broccoli, walnuts, avocados, dried fruits, olive oil.

"In the last 20-30 years, food has changed much in Lithuania – a fast food supply has increased, or for example, lots of chocolate containers include salt and sugar, antibiotics that promote dietary changes and proteins, changes in certain hormones, increase estrogen levels," said the University of Technology of Technology KTU Professor, "Modern Wellness Strategies, # student_2018", Healthy Lifestyle, Nutritional Specialist Dr Sutras Sujeta.

What is a healthy choice today?

The answer to the question of how healthy is easy. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins: The body provides the body with essential components.

A According to Sujatha, the use of nutrients, specialists, and human health, the use of such apples, broccoli, walnuts, avocados, useful dried fruits, olive oil, etc. are used by humans.

It is important for nutritional supplements. Food should be used for fibers. The easiest way to get them is to choose a fruit, vegetables, and sandwich on all sides for snacks.

A Smith has to be used for scopes to look up. "For example, if you drink milk and sugar with your coffee, the body feels it's a snack, so you should not take your glucose regularly for a few hours to eat this kind of snack (like others)."

Scientists point out that food is the habit of eating everyday foods. Beyond nutrition, there is more physical influence in the human body. These food products contain functional food ingredients in the production process (the active ingredients of such foods are nutrition, polyheaded, bran, and gastrointestinal tract).

Expert foodgrains not only maintain human health but also satisfy healthy eating habits.

KTU Faculty of Food Technology, Professor of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology, Chemical Technology, Chemical Technology. Says Rimandas Petras Winscutinius.

How to start a sport

"Now compared to 100 years ago, we reduced the time four times," A. Sujatha says. Sports are more important than eating healthy meals. For people who are aged 18 to 64 years of age may be recommended for at least 75 minutes or more berths for physical activity, such as walking, cycling, running, etc.

Healthy lifestyle experts suggest that no one has any special needs – one child, an adult, or an elderly person.

"There is no justification for not playing sports, even if the student in barracks goes to the yard to escape," said A. There is no doubt in life. Not surprisingly, students are being blocked from sports.

As small targets and investments begin, the desire and courage of sports will not disappear from the first failure of their maximum goals.

High schools also seek to create a favorable environment for students. For example, we & # 39; ve actively & # 39; work for students to work free and take advice on sports and nutrition issues. The KTU is actively operating for the second year in the club.

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