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A mysterious mines law: the party in G.Kark could not receive the money already enjoyed


Just as President Minutus Linge has been advised, those who are not part of the Sejm's seismic party will only be given the opportunity to allow the budget allocation until the election to the next election.

"It is also suggested that the Grant Payment of a Party is compulsorily enrolled with another fund to the Grant Carracker who is computed based on the voter's votes," he said.

Unexpected interruption

The third is the safeguard of the "social worker": Seemas members representing the new bill While the State Budget is not recognized, this budget is political party as unpredictable political parties are due to violations mentioned in Article 20.

The second law states: If the Central Election Committee approves whether political parties violated the law or whether a violation of the political campaign has been violated, the political party may decide whether the Central Election Commission's decision State Budget allocation is not allowed. For this reason, state budget was not allocated to the state budget.

The CEC has only approved the Socialist Workers' choice of Lithuania Social Democratic Party for Seimas, which seriously violated Seema's election campaign. The Commission decided not to issue a part of the annual plan for a half yearly donation.

Are not you getting subsidies for social democrats and are you ready to add new prisoners in front of G.Corklyas and Juvas Benetonis?

Photographer 15min / Juozas Bernatonis and Ramūnas Karbauskis

Photographer 15min / Juozas Bernatonis and Ramūnas Karbauskis

Thank the President

Regis, G.Kirkill does not have such questions. On Thursday, when he complained to Seamas for supporting the law, he thanked the president.

"Adoption of this bill, next year's election will be pracaranaparipatiyil to represent the voters of the Left to participate in them as an equal partner of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Labor Party defended. Phainansing, the opportunity to prepare for elections. As for transparency, justice, understanding and consciousness We would be grateful to learn that the President of the Republic of Lithuania. Offer to the amendments, approved today the draft of the rule of the majority Sage. Vitavukalumillenn law, any legal public right now to make sure that everything is clear and spastavuman "- Lithuanian Social Democratic Party chairman, said ji.kirkkilas .

Nonetheless, the language spoken immediately after the voting in the Siege proved that his joy had already begun. The former chairman of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, Algirdas Bakuqiis, was not a party for the party.

"I think you may be the principle that you will not get it, but I can not guarantee 100 percent here, but it was violated during the solidarity of the Socio Democratic Party, but lawyers would have a question here, but I'm afraid I'll get it wrong." Lawyers should answer, 15 minutes A Says Butikivi's.

I think I can not get it, but I'm afraid I'll be wrong. Advocates will have to answer – a. Says Butkkeicusus.

Photo of Cigizunt Gedevil / 15 Minute / Gedminus Cranes

Photo of Cigizunt Gedevil / 15 Minute / Gedminus Cranes

Sounds calm in G Kirk. He hopes to be defended in the Social Democrats' court led by Palaku. He will prove that he has not committed any violations. If this does not happen, G. Kirill says "social activists" are not suffering.

"This year's subsidy on social democrats has been suspended and we will work under another law (…) if this year is appointed, this year, no – no, they have been suspended this year's grant, they can not be punished twice. .) Not only that, Social Democrats will face a trial and a case will succeed I'm sure, "Kyrgilas said.

Municipal elections "social activists" will try to borrow from the banks, and hence the loan received by the grant will be agreed. "We will not borrow more than we have." We're getting some more borrowing, it's just a gran and we put it on, "he explained.

G. According to Kyrgyz, "social activists" can not compete in the election-only chairman of the party's party has collected only ten thousand people from the party membership. EUR has been allotted to party activities. Another 6,000 members were recruited by euros as a "solidarity tax".

And I'm sure the social democrats will bring it to justice and the case will succeed, "said Kyrgilas.

G.Pleaks: "How thrilling"

The Lithuanian Social Democratic Party lawyer Jintao Palakas laughed from the semis.

"It's fun," said Palazzo, that he would use these eyes to present these details. Fundamentally opposed to the principle that social democrats are not fundamentally part of the election and any funding party which does not complete any voter test will receive funding.

"In this situation, we have not gone to the details, because when the President's rule is implemented – if we sign, we will appeal to the Constitutional Court," he said.

"Okay, I do not know, perhaps they will save them, and maybe there will not be any major violation," he said. – Social Democratic, Sensitive, Equality. Here is a fun moment. Surely it will be fun if you apply it. We will see whether the CEC will continue to enforce the law by maintaining its criteria and expressing political pressure. The CEC can regain its autonomy and backbone. let's see ".

Lawyer: "Sprusi VRK"

The CEC has indicated when the laws were passed in a particular situation. A lawyer, professor of the Michael's Romeris University, former member of Dyerius Benevorovicus confirms.

Julius Callinskas / 15mm photos / dinosaurs beorravs

Julius Callinskas / 15mm photos / dinosaurs beorravs

"In principle, the same principles to consider, in principle, kantettentatuman. Now, we see that the legal situation has developed from the hood to the naked eye. Logically, will provide the funds to start a new party was formed, but only sejiminre members of a party? How semasinallattavayentanenn sam'matikkentat? New part I thought that some of the support sad'dhyamakumenn ikalkkulla, but I thought that it was not started because of the shape of the parties, "D. Benorowice said.

He admitted that the guarantee for taking over the party's "party" was quite logical. After losing the grant, members of a party split, and a new party will be formed by the grant recall.

I thought kirig was happy early in the morning. May be everything else, – d. Says Benoravivius.

"There is a logic to do here," he said.

However, according to a lawyer, the law states that "the Amy" will undermine a new party for a party's crime. Now, d. According to Benanovitch, everything is allocated to the CEC.

"Whether or not the law passed on Thursday will be a question, it's a mess that's basically a question of interpretation," he said.

"The CEEC systematically needs to be screened on the screen, unfortunately, unfortunately, some of the suggestions that have been added to specific cases They exist but they lose the entire system, "d. Benanovich said.

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