Tuesday , August 16 2022

After the Greenland Ice, large craters have been discovered in Paris


Greenland 12,000 years ago saw a decline in the production of iron, which was discovered by the new radar and the scientists announced Wednesday.

This is the first crash found in Greenland. It is common in all parts of the earth. Considering the magnitude of this crater, the 25th greatest known planet in the sci advancement is written in the journal.

The Hirota ice is 31 kilometers wide. This meteorite had to have a significant impact on this field, even in the world, scientists said.

But his story is starting to say.

John Paden, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the Kansas University, said: "The atmosphere has been forced out of particles that can affect climate and there are a lot of floods in canal and Greenland across the region.

Evidence suggests that this collision may occur after the formation of continental ice in Greenland, but a team of researchers is finding the exact time, "he said.

Even though this discovery is going on in 2015, the international team of scientists has examined the findings.

The first findings were based on NASA Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (Paraasi) and Arctic Ice Tracking Mission Operation IC Bridge.

Later, more information was collected using advanced radar technology.

"So far it was not possible to give a precise date in the crater, but it is located in the rupappettatanennatinre sucanayanusariccan Greenland mutittutanniyateate, so it's not the 3 million mark. A year, perhaps only 12 thousand rupamatram. The ice at the end," Dean, Museum of Natural History's Center for jiyeajanirriks the co-author Indeed, Professor Kurt kajir (Curtain said kera).

Scientists are trying to get physical objects from the bottom of the glacier. This is to help you learn more about the time of impact and the impact of life on Earth.

Tampa, Florida, November 14 (AFP-BNS).

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