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Agne Petravičienė married for a third time in a secret ceremony: a long-loved beloved – a well-known entrepreneur


Not only that, but also a celebration of the wedding ceremony held in Menor. True, newcomers or gathering guests also want to stand up for photographers. Some pairs of favorite, keeping in mind the privacy of the celebration, was also hard to keep away photos and avoid taking photographs.

Although on Saturday, the singer who married for the third time and wore a red dress did not focus on the media, she shared the photo of her and her husband on the social network. Both untitled fingers were decorated with golden rings. "Thank you everyone!" – She thanked Facebook on Saturday night.

a. Petravičienė announced next year's wedding on September 30, as well as photo sharing on the social network with a meaningful ring.

Agn Petravičienė

Agn Petravičienė

© Facebook

Earlier, the singer DLF talked about her stupid lover who qualified her hand.

At the end of last year, Agnen said that she and her loved ones had a good deal, and their relationship was perfect.

At about the same time, Agne told LNK "LN … to …" about her future husband. "First, he is a scorpion, second, educated and Sanskrit man, third – one LED lighting ticon, general manager, wipes the nose for all citizens … but three plus …" – She assured.

At the time, while dressing in wedding dresses half-ridiculously, abruptly in the camera, Ag told that she would run someone who would bring her shoes in her cabin.

The singer, without hiding the impressive ring on her finger-finger, told her that her fun-loving life, and this time, was a trick when she started planning her third marriage.

The man whom he called "yes" agreed on the plane's flight from Germany.

Agn Petravičienė

Agn Petravičienė

The singer admits that despite pleasurable news he is always afraid to share the fun news. Agen said, "happiness, money, silence love."

The woman who has divorced her son and raised her has never delivered any distinction to her ex-wives in any show so far, and she avoided talking about previous marriage and sons, and she did not want to do that in the future. It is true that the new husband of his life is not only old, but he is also called a broken finger and does not condemn.

"It may be a very rich person, but it will not be in. It's not important, and now you do not need to think that someone has paid for the publication of my album or financially. I am an independent woman," Agn said.

The singer first claimed that she would sign a pre-trial agreement with her future husband for the protection of both parties and especially her interests. Egon said, "When the second marriage and the court returned to the sick room, I became a very bitter word," said Egg.

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