Friday , January 27 2023

An accident was filmed in Vilnius at night: a young driver did not believe it


One person, who lost a Renault car for a minute, came to know that he did not know where to run or what to do. Such a tight driving behavior is captured in a video that celebrates an accident on Pavilionoia Street in the outskirts of the capital.

Video: Driving body language issued: No one would want to get into such an unfortunate accident

The situation on the road of the country was not complicated. Even now, the footage came out dramatically: his Renault man ran from left-wing cars, uncontrolled, sparring. Opel Minibus, who was pulled, was forwarded to Odin.

Throwing a strained person on the street is a tragedy.

Road, happiness, no end to the tragedy, gives the impression that a boy who was hacked on the car and his foreign machine did not even see the car coming from the strain (carefully cautiously, carefully paused).

After taking them in their hands, the driver was asked to report what happened. Vilnius County Police 15 minutes He learned that before midnight on Friday, an officer was already in the position to write a driver's report for this unfortunate serious road traffic offense.

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