Thursday , May 19 2022

Axions were improved with three tail recordings. The front line of al-Shakhak is a guadad


Milan AX Armanini (5/2), the team wins in Euroleague. Darshupa (1/6) 98:92 26:19, 28:30, 14:20, 30:23).

This was the fifth time in the Istanbul side.

Axani achieved the record for all time clubs, which included 18 fifties in 32 deliveries. In the last season against Valencia Valencia, so far has 17 points. Two teams from the 35-member team

In the first two seconds, no rival Akkineni was allowed. Three-point Deris Bertanis made a good start with Mike James and Nemanja Nevadovius. So suddenly the difference was twice hit – 35:25.

It was a distant search for guests. In the first two places, the nineties were only sixth while the total was 11 out of 18.

However, Roy McCullum was not allowed to retire Darwashappa (56:59), with John Dyllard scoring only 61:62. At the end of the third quarter, hosts have scored the first time (69:68). However, the win came from 83×71. Mindugas Kuzmincascas, who won the first point, has already contributed.

When 11 points (86:75) were allocated, the hosts had made a long mistake by making long slips. Deficit reduction by 85.288 per second. Within 2 minutes, only the teams (87:88) have won. But D. Betugany scored a fourth goal when the Uglytes made a mistake. Stanston Kid and M. Baug reached the 90:92.

After 96 seconds left, James James lost and McGrust fell to 96.92 seconds. In Daruss'aak's fury when a big attack, the guests were behind them.

Within 16 minutes M. Kusiminskas won two points (1/3) and two balls were refounded. The consecutive 3-minute transfer, one block, errors, violations, and 4 useless points were collected.

Within 5 minutes, Gadditis gained 10 points (3/3 and D4, 4/5) with 5 fouls, one lost, 16 points with 16 points.

Aks Armani: Nicknamed Nedovyews 17 (5/8 Treatt), Dirty Burtonis 12 (4/4 Treat), Arthur Gaatitis 10.

Durran Shafak Michael Eric 16, Ray McCullum 13 (6 years), John Debler, Stanter Kid (11), Jane Pioneer 10

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