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Conservatives in the primary elections in the capital – the rows on the ballot box


The vote of the Vilnius Municipality begins at 10 o'clock. In the morning, members of the party will be uninterruptedly elected by polling stations, non-voter-registered non-partisans. They decide that the next finance minister, Ingrid Šimonyte or former diplomat Vygaudas Ušacka, will pick up the TS-LKD next week for next year's presidential election.

"The real holiday, the young people in their hands come and vote, that was the idea … (…) We wanted to share this responsibility because the president is elected by the whole society," said G. Landsbergis, party party chairman on Saturday was voted on.

Ingrid Šimonytė, who also elected in the capital on Saturday, said he was ready for all the scripts and worked for the party candidate's nationwide election, as if these party choices did not end.

"If I do not participate in these elections, it means we are working together to win the party's choice," said I. Šimonytė to reporters.

Asked how he evaluated the election campaign, Mr Šimonytė said that he would give the results after the vote.

V. Ushacka promises to vote on Sunday party elections.

"It's very important that we have a nominee, it's been a long time, and we're glad we have the chance to participate and not party members in electing party candidates," said Claudius 59-year-old photographer who voted for the whole family on Saturday.

Luke's 25-year-old resident said his candidate on Saturday morning voted Saturday on Saturday morning: "I strongly support this idea in broad-based primary elections and I think other parties can do this."

The 70-year-old Dolia-Roza, a 70-year-old conservative, gave a support candidate who claimed to support and congratulate the candidates for the first time to join the party that did not belong to the party.

"I think everybody has the right to intervene in the party's activities and life, and if relevant, relevant, it is very good. I think the campaign was transparent, but it was fun, it was a bit too much," said the BNS spokesman for the party .

Voting on the party's primary election takes place in the cities of the country for two days – Saturday and Sunday. More than 19,000 people enrolled in it. non-registered persons, after the registered checks the voting right is 18 thousand. 259th

The presidential candidate will be able to collect more than 14 thousand. conservative party members, they did not need to be separately registered.

The results of the Party's primary election are later approved by the TS-LCC Committee.

The TS-LKD secretariat publishes the first voting information on Saturday afternoon.

During the weekly vote, members of the party list the list of electoral candidates of city councils and a list of candidates for European parliamentary elections. However, in Panevėžys the party candidate is elected to the mayor in which non-partisans can vote.

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