Tuesday , May 17 2022

"Cosmic" Criticism of S.Projects and Jazz: Unusual Appearance Unread


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Barça "cosmic" members such as Maria Chelabopasvevisvicevichi Swish, and LabanuShechet exhibit in other performances of the exhibition. This is a unique, eye-capturing, behavior of the group members – not modest girls. "Kosminės" is their power. In fact, when girls play, it's hard for them to know, and when they are realized, it will be published in a press release.

"We've had a lot of fun this summer, more space, more interior and we're ready at this stage," says Eva, a member of the group.

Everything from a girl, a song theater, a mad show, a unique performance … And so, surprising everyone participating in the "Challenges of the Red" program will surprise everybody who met them.

Mary's hair – African dressing A distinctive spike will be added to a metal spoon to play on the girl's show. In "X Factory" they will perform the legacy Foen song "Baby Roof". In fact, she does not keep track of the original song, but makes a whole new sound – in the play.

"Only you can understand why you are not in my team and you know what you are doing, but I do not understand what's going on but maybe I should not understand why I remember the luggage and the things you always enjoy, what kind of music You are connected with the shoes … You see what the giants of Saul are doing all the rest of his life, "says Justi Arlauschi-Jassass.

"They are not changed … a normal cycledic pop is a new direction but I'm crying forever, let's forget about music … It's a song than a theater project … The song's version is fun, the transition to the right – the end of childhood, it's essential to stay in the pot." – Shelis Urbovicus -Samamaz resigned.

"That kind of statement – a big letter from the capitalist, is not an international drama biennale … I felt a little bit of" performance. "I did not feel like singing, I did not feel happy …" X Factor goes to Earth, not space. The people of the land see and hear, not the cosmos, "- say S Prūsaitis Daylami.

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