Monday , May 16 2022

D. Giannakopoulos changes direction. The mud stands without falling on the judges, the Olympians representatives


The "Panamayakos" in Athens, the Olympic pirate trophies are constantly hot, but in recent years they notice the green owner Dementies giannocopoulos.

In the club's reports, three of the three planets posted against the Granites against the Panetta Ciccos against 20,000 euros.

Panathinaikos soon came to deny such knowledge. Essa and Guyana Papaos, of course, judge and judge of such charges, but the context was quite different.

"The Italian judiciary only offered twenty-five euros after Olympias's victory, and the Spanish judge was only clean, and I'm handing over everything to Jordy Bertromac, who knows that the director of the Olympian Tukes Liviotos has now been expelled, who knows who's doing it," Panitayakos reports.

If these terms are authenticly accepted, Giyanaka Capto should avoid problems in Euroleague and create new sparks in Greece. It will soon be published only after a thorough investigation of Eurogi.

The match is equipped with the Spanish Maidu Angel Pearce, Italian Carmelo Patico and Pope Jacob Savoski. Panayana Neoos of 93:80 won the match in suspicious pursuit of gianocaccos. It is difficult to see judges in some of the trends in work. (27:22, Panathinaikos's penalties are two technologies) Panetta Kosos has hit six times and reduced six points (18:24).

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