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Eagerly awaiting the new Porsche Tecan: the official premier has been announced


The Porsche Technique is undoubtedly the most premiere of the year. It's not only an everyday vehicle, but the first electric vehicle to balance fast, sporty driving, so there's a lot of interest. Since the introduction of its fictional M .Del, every day interest in it has grown. Now, less than a month before the date of its premiere premiere, we have dozens of pre-bookings in Lithuania alone, & # 39; says Rasa Klimiwisit, director of the Porsche Sports Center in Vilnius.

A car designed for the game

The first Porsche electric car in disguise before its premiere, with recent appearances in China, the UK and the US, is being actively released worldwide.

In New York, he appeared in the final of the ABB FIA Formula E World Electric Championship and showed his potential by turning wheels on the New York Plateau.

"I was stunned by the ability to race in the racecourse. Its battery is designed for fast driving, and its energy management system is very smart, so even after a quick lap, predicted single charge mileage is dropping very slowly, & # 39; & # 39; said Neil Jani, a Porsche sports car driver at Tucson, New York.

After a test drive in New York, the racer asserted that the Porsche Tech Chassis was built for superior formula and reliability – such as the Formula E car.

Porsche will test the Electric Formula Championship in 2019. In November. The race-based Porsche Formula E Spanish circuit has already covered more than 1,000 kilometers on the calafate track and is also being tested before the upcoming ABB FIA Formula E Championship season.

Three continents in three weeks

High speed wheels in New York, Porsche triple demo run, Tay Kin complete the epic. Electric cars have appeared on three continents, with Porsche's important markets – China, the UK and the US Vehicles appearing in each country were marked with the symbolism of that country – for example, in New York, the Tucson ceiling was painted with a U.S. flag.

Manufacturers Photo / Porsche Tech

Manufacturers Photo / Porsche Tech

In New York, the track was set in Brooklyn Harbor, on the city streets, with a Manhattan skyscraper or statue of Li F Liberty, against the backdrop of numerous competition photos. It requires a high level of driver skills and endurance of an electric car.

In China, Taken appeared on the new Porsche Experience Center track in Shanghai. During the performance, the electric car was driven by Porsche Carrera Cup Asia racer Li Chao.

In Britain, the Tankan appeared at the Goodwood Festival – a Porsche ambassador hit the traditional Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​with former Formula 1 racer Mark Weber electric cars.

Scanpics / AP Photo / Porsche Tech

Scanpics / AP Photo / Porsche Tech

Porsche Tech, a standard-product electric car, will be launched in September and will be delivered to the first customers in early 2020. Its pre-orders exceeded 20,000.

Porsche also offers smart electric vehicle charging at home and on the road – the Porsche Charging System is about 70,000 public charging stations on digital platforms and everyone can be charged using the same Porsche system.

Pricing has not yet been officially announced, but the original version of the tech is expected to cost, 000 80,000 (€ 72,000) and the most powerful version, 130,000 ($ 117,000).

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