Tuesday , August 16 2022

Electricity and gas will grow by 15-20 per cent. – Market Partners


The Lithuanian Energy Supply Company (LET), which distributes power and gas, has been determined by the rise in power prices from the market.

"Almost 40% of international market prices will increase the final price of consumers by 15%, says BET, adding that the higher power price in the North Pool is the main reason for rising prices.

Within ten months in the Nordic pool the average price of electricity was $ 0.49, which is 39.1 percent of mega watt. More than last year.

Karol Bagdon, head of small and medium industries, Independent Electricity Supply, Electrity Lettewaw, said that the dry weather and scarcity of Scandinavia influenced the price hike.

We estimate that about 20 percent. takeoff (…) in the market price is expected to be the highest for domestic consumers. (…) Scandinavia's main influence is that Baltic states do not have a significant impact on prices. Scandinavian weather was very dry in five months, and Scandinavia did not reach current levels of water level, "said BDDS.

He predicts that the high price and power of electricity should go forward.

"There is a significant increase in business and the contracts ending at the end of 2018 will vary from 30% to 60% in terms of price rise since January 1, 2019. A rising," explained "Elektruma Lietuva".

"Lithary Energy Distribution" refers to gas consumption for domestic consumers. In the international markets, one third of their price will be reflected at the end of the population by 2019, which will rise to 15-20% next year.

"A year ago, the price of natural gas in the European stock exchanges was 35-40 per cent lower than the current gas price, including oil and gas and other energy output, including the natural gas, which has brought us global trend.

In addition, for the third consecutive year, "Two-digit growth and LNG traders of the Chinese LNG proportion have encouraged them to change their emergency load to this market and have become alternatives to the need for European countries.

Last time consumers reached electricity in 2013, which is cheaper every year. Since January this year, its average price has dropped by 1.2%.

In January this year, gasoline for cooking on cooking began to fall by 8% to small households. In July last year, gas gas prices were up 5-8 percent.

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