Monday , May 29 2023

Enfant Green has given license to acquire Nelja engines


NIFF Green is a recycling company that is fast developing in the Baltic Sea region. The talents and development plans of Nilajezhaji are a portfolio that helps us make a strong reworking energy company. Our development is not limited to this transaction – we plan to invest in future renewable sources. The possibilities for developing Eesti Energia are growing in all Baltic states and other Baltic waters, "said Enfit Green CEO, Ave Karmas.

Nalja Energy, which sells shares on May 29 this year between shareholders like Enefit Green and Nelja Energy, The value-added value of this year's share is 289 million. Enfit Green pledged to borrow 204 million euros from Euro Nerfa Energy. The company is owned by the Norwegian Local Authority and owns 10% of the shares owned by Nevko, and 23% are owned by Wonder Urez. Investors from Estonia were investors.

In July this year, the Latvian Council of Counsil agreed with the Treaty. The Lithuanian Council of Council recognition was accepted in August. The deal ended on November 7. After agreeing with the Estonian Competition Authority. The buyer has been advised by Swedish Corporate Finance, a legal service company, Ellex Raidla, Consultancy Parkeehouse House Copers and ÅF for dealing with the transaction.

Eesti Energia is owned by a reproducing power company that generates electricity and heat from Enefit Green, Wind, Water, Biomass, Solar, and domestic waste. After Nelda Enggia has taken over, sources of Enfit Green are not only based on wind power plants but also by the biogas and cashew farm companies in Estonia and Pellette Factory in Latvia. With the completion of the transaction, total wind power plants will be managed in 398 MW installed capacity.

Additionally, 25 megawatts of electricity and 85 MW installed thermal power project is also linked to the company. After the deal, NFRA Green is made almost three times the power of electricity, which is 1 TWh.

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