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Experts: Oil prices are falling in the production of industry


Furthermore, experts believe that the growth of the growth is lower due to the high comparison plan – the GDP growth in the first half of the year, faster than the predicted growth rate by 2018. Hence the growth paradigm growth is becoming more slow.

In addition, experts believe industry development is limited to free productivity and lack of entrepreneurial entities in development.

Reduces industrial indicators in the oil sector

Eurostat recorded a recession in industrial production every month in September. In September, the country's industry contracted by 0.5% compared with September last year. During the September-September period, the EU fell 3.1 percent.

According to Alexander Igor Gordin, financial advisor for SME Finance, Orlen Lithuania, the oil oil producer of Orlando Lithuania, has been influencing the overall production level.

"If we erase the production of mineral oil from the data that has had a significant impact on the typical industrial indicators, the Lithuanian industry is still following the path of growth, with the production of non-oil production production increased by 3.6 per cent," said BNN. Isorgodein.

Vadim Inowov, head of the research and analysis department of "Versailli Liao", said the exports promotion agency. Since oil prices have risen over the last few years, the import of crude oil and its products is going to import a bit more.

"Indeed, the export value of orepealeyalla, eliminates the influence of the industrial index and the price rise and pratyaghatannaluteyum-date, it will not be the high prices. (…) on the basis of the price of gasoline a year, munpattekkal is very high due to the export. We produce a small quantity of the product, but selling the nest To expensive, "V. Evansow, BNS said.

It is possible to observe the growth of industrial production, which is looking at the manufacturing sector, without oil products.

Lack of productivity

A According to Igorordado, Lithuania now manages the production of artificially limited production capacity. Textile or wooden enterprises have more export orders than free productive capacity and can not be opposed to export demand.

In his opinion, the production of coir products grew to 1.7 percent until 2018. Wood and timber grew by 2.2% in the manufacturing sector.

On the other hand, the industry is the leader in the cost of utility expenditure in the industry (82%) this year. This year, the use of pest is 79 percent. And exceeds the average of all outputs (77.4%).

The textile and product industries are increasingly utilizing productivity this year, increasing its production. Companies have no free product capacity and therefore can not accept new export orders, "said Nurgoordin.

Investment in development is very small

Weaker sector index and experts in the manufacturing sector also monitor the other issue. Although the Lithuanian industry is already about 50% of the production capacity, they say. In the first half of the day, investment in the industrial sector is less than one fifth of the previous year.

The "black job" for developers' development projects has created an unstable international environment, including the uncertainty about breeds and trade battles, "- said A. Schneider. IgorGordin says.

Producers from new investments will be disrupted in order to increase production capacity. At the same time, it is artificially limiting the growth of the industry. Also, companies are preventing companies from using full orders.

V. Ivanov says that entrepreneurs can invest in investments and avoid the lack of leaks of crisis.

"In the past three or four months, a year ago, I think the lectures on the coming crisis have corrected the character of the companies in terms of investment," he said.

"Naturally, some companies may invest in production expansion or modernization, as everyone begins to say a crisis," he added.

Based on the year-end high contraction plan, Ivanov says that the production rate still decline, but generally the annual fruit will be good. Though expected next year's expected growth, this year will not grow as fast as it does.

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