Tuesday , August 3 2021

"Factor X" will decide on the future of Georgian Davita: he lives in solitude

This Sunday, TV 3 TV viewers will see the musical show "X Factor". It will disclose what will be "Chair Challenge" from the senior category. The team will be selected by Justs Arloskaite-Jazoo. It is that which will determine which participants are worth more than traveling. Other judges will have only one advisory voice – everything in the hands of Jazz. Georgian Davyd Adamshawley will appear at this crucial stage.

She and Guitar are an unreliable pair. A travel musician and loyal guitar everywhere had to experience various adventures. Together they appeared on the same stage, sometimes on the street. After many adventures, she came in Lithuania's "X Factor". And after the first star, everything was clear – Davit is very talented and will definitely be taken into account.

"My goal is to get in touch with people because when I feel the audience, I feel the world around me," Davytie says.

David once again proved to be a "Creative Camp": There is no need to spoil or reduce sound on the scene. He was interested in the unexpected version of the song known as Judge. He presented Quinn Hit "We Will Rock U" on the scene of "X Factor".

"On that day I was sick. I lost my voice in the morning and tried to get it back all the way, but everything has been successful. I reached the level of which I did not squalle. Thank God. It's like a thought. But when you apply the song for yourself, it shows what you are, "Davyte says.

David convinced this fact that he loved Lithuania with the love of Lithuania. Unfortunately, now the talented guitar player is again alone. Whether it will go to Lithuania, or be wings for travel again – depends on the appearance.

"It's like an internal contest. I'm constantly struggling with myself so that I will be better every day. The song is ready, I have a guitar, my voice is not finished, so I'm ready for anyone." – Georgian scene Before going on will speak.

Will Davit's influence affect Jazz? Will it go to the next stage? Will the musician live in Lithuania?

"X Factor" is always the best show in your life! Wednesday, 19.30 by TV 3!

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