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Feudist M. Laddu: After 5 years, artificial intelligence should not be applied


Michael Lood, a synthetic intelligence expert in Lithuania, is a futurist in the world of technology. On November 15th at the International Mobile Economy Program in Vilnius, the Virtual and Associate Realist Specialist Baltic Mobile Congress will let you know how our lives will be replaced by a virtual attachment and reality. In his opinion, very interesting changes await us.

Today IBM He said Watson's technology vendor, saddy and Google are some of them. Every day we face fake scrutiny. It will spread to all areas of life within the next five years.

Feudist M. Laddu: After 5 years, artificial intelligence should not be applied

You are also co-authors of many books on humanity and natural truth. These publications will soon come to book books. Who is most interested in today's technical innovation?

Today, I am very excited about how the world changes the way we live, work, and study, with virtual attachment and artificial intelligence observers in reality. Already apply to imaging technology, virtual, collective reality, education, sports, treatment and security. So, in the decade of adopting this technology, I would be happy to see the unexpected areas of our life, how to do it in our everyday life.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to study and improve. What is the level that he has achieved at this time?

I always say that there are two ways to respond to artificial intelligence. First of all, it is a narrow artificial intelligence that defines certain things, but no decision to independently study and develop independently of other areas. For example, scientists can teach researchers about such artificial intelligence to beat the best strategic game in the world, but these artificial intelligence never succeeds in love affairs.

What's the second way

It is the evolutionary intelligence that you decide to do yourself. For example, he is good at playing chess, but decides he wants to learn himself, and that's what he does well. Today, in the world, there are many examples of lectured artificial intelligence, but we do not have the second type yet. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to predict that we are still away and that artificial intelligence is at a higher level.

Fear is afraid that a virtual reality will turn away from the jobs of the people. Will this happen?

People always fear that if we look at the story, that technology will take their place and delete their work. On the contrary, the experiences show that they can easily accomplish the task faster, easier and more efficient. Millions of years ago people made themselves pyramids and stones. Today strikes can handle larger machines that help their work. People who use fraudulent intelligence no longer require data entry into Excel program tables or other digital functions to run better tools. People do not go, they will handle these processes.

Can you still expect your opinion from artificial intelligence after five years?

In the five years of perspective, artificial intelligence does not apply. Everything – from games to medicine, from business to marketing – essentially artificial intelligence. As artificial intelligence changes in our daily routine, I think it takes about five years to come.

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