Friday , August 19 2022

For a partner of "Lithuanian Voice", I apologized to Junk Passet and restored my tongue again


This Sunday, NHK. In the double, the teacher team members will reach the first round of the duel that will meet each other. Here you will be able to become four partners in each teacher team. Leonas SomoVas, Justinas Jerutis, Donamus Montvidas and Inga Jankoscites will participate in a direct fight in the main Lithuania region.

At the next show, both of Incoma Jankosity is one of them – an official Narikes Stunus and Oppo Soloist Violus Tracks still stolen from Leonas as a murdered teacher.

Iguai Janequousaiti said that they had been studying for their children by singing only the men of Lugan Somo. After the Lyon polls, especially the partner of the team of Ingaga Jankooski, the killer did not attend anybody. However, the Vice 'Markets will feel welcome in welcoming the new teacher.

"I'm stolen, I'm not even allowed to talk or to get acquainted, I'm not hiding, I do not know why, I do not know why," Willes will tell Iguah before the show.

"I call it that way, so the election takes place, neither the bold, the cold, the people scattered and the work," will be able to respond in a clear and decisive way to the illusory Jankosky. He agrees that this partner will be more friendlier than an enemy.

Teacher does not understand complaints – no time to heat, from commending someone to attend – for a few days, doing a lot of work for good performance, and not spending time with devotion. "I am more cutullavarumayulla intervention, it seems to me emotionally nerijas is working. I have yet to see the face more and more difficulties in the inkaye abhiprayaprakatanannaleat thought. I can not say anything parayunnatupealum. I am insulting vayanakalil from the blind, perhaps the warmest reception I Acts Iksiccekkam, but I do not like the heat. "- hide complaints Villa trakkisine.

This will not help Vely to help the men's towers, and the nonsense stinks singing with him admits that he is not joking about the upcoming performance.

"We're excited to know that we are Duet, and we want to complete a song and a song," he said, "but he wanted to ask twice more to the duo twice." – Noise Stance

Both the men will hear the sound. Nirjas or Violis song, inca Sankara Sankara, Sunday. Via the LNK

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