Friday , March 31 2023

Golden Rocket: This is not the last concert in Kaunas


Traffic and panic, no thickets, climbing the head in the queue of the head. Otherwise, Sunday evening "Salgris" at the Arena Officer, the musicians viewed as "golden parasist".

The St Stephen Conference on Friday was on the benches. Catherine Church, a week ago, finished the "Golden Parazyth" Lithuanian bandwatch of electronic dance music. Along with them – hundreds of faith melon metanas.

"The place is rarely seen in this city because it is rarely played in this town, in fact it's not only kawance but also vilnius." – Arena Amphis Theater, Gaitians Surkor, one of the places you'd like to go back to offer more concerts or presentations of future albums.

On Sunday evening, Golden Parazyth honored his "young child" "Sadoo Human". This is the first time the creations of the new album are alive.

They were songs of past and old songs of the past year. Supsa saaspasi, Forward Fruit, Nozz paste, World's Wonderland, River and Safe.

"Think about free, we are a free country," – asked Sirka and Ariyas Vlkishis to avoid soft chairs to smash the slowest floor.

The remaining, equal members of the Golden Parasite family include: Drummer Alexander Rogozo, Guitarist Marius Mélunes, Basist Ernest Jormovic, Gaya Sadanascate, Rimaguay Raganvicouette and Rimantas Saldacus.

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