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Greenland is after Ice – a big jet


The scientist collects gas samples. /

The scientist collects gas samples. / photo

Greenland has a large potion of more than 12,000 years. The biggest jar in Paris. He recently discovered using the modern radar below the ice.

This is the first crater found in Greenland, and in general, after the water of all continents of the continent. As the science of progress suggests, the size of the crater is 25th, known on our planet.

The Hirota ice is 31 kilometers wide. This meteorite had significant influence in this area. But his story is starting to say. photo photo

"Climate affected areas may have been thrown into the atmosphere, and rivers of Canada and Greenland have crossed the sea," said John Padan, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Canosso.

Even though this discovery is going on in 2015, the international team of scientists has examined the findings. More data is collected through a more advanced radar technology.

"The clutter of time has not been able to be seen until now, but it is very clear that this pit was formed by covering Greenland, so he has less than 3 million less than 12 thousand." At the end of the ice age, the co-author of the Danish Museum of Natural History of the Geogenetics Center, Said Kurt Kajar.

The scribes intend to take samples from deeper layers. This collision will help you know when it happened, at that moment what would be the impact of life on earth.

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