Tuesday , March 9 2021

Have a problem with your stomach? Here are 9 foods you have to avoid

There are so many thoughts on food, but we should still give our energy. However, when you have some difficulties, your food does not eat, especially your stomach. So what should you ignore to get a better job?


When you touch any viral, infectious disease, especially your stomach, you are better not to reject the coffee, says Womenshealthmag.com. Caffeine in coffee is its character traits, when you are not in trouble, it affects you – "liquid" liquids.

According to the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center built by Christine Arthur in Fonda Vali, California, liquids are needed to prevent the body's exposure from vomilation, which can help the virus get more effective. Caffeine is worse when you erupt diarrhea because you lose more abdominal pain. Also, in a doctor's opinion, Caffeine stimulates your gout muscles and increases diarrhea.

Orange juice

If you are washing or sore throat, the orange juice is not suitable. Juice acidity is really refreshing, but when you are tinny, the orange juice will make you feel more unpleasant. "It's a citric acid that is already throat throat," says Tase Batthai, a professor of the Integrated Medicine at Emory University and doctor's thoughts.


The ability of white blood cells to temporarily deal with bacterial use of pure sugar can be temporarily coped, says Arthur. Immunodeficiency weakens after biscuits, sweets or other sweet potatoes. It is less to resist bacteria. If you suffer pain in the stomach sugar can cause more trouble. "Sugar is usually wiped out into the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to fluid, cold and diarrhea," says the doctor.

Caffeine based soft drinks

Caffeine-based soft drinks like coffee When you are in the gastrointestinal tract, especially when you are in the gastrointestinal tract, it is not recommended to use. As Arthur Says, there is a lot of sugar suppressing the immune system that affects the digestive system. According to the doctor, if you can not drink it without drinking water, use less sugar and regulated electrolytes – such as drinks, such as sports drinks or coconut.

Do not go to food and drinks here too. "Many artificial drugs are high molecules, they can not break and well digest," says Arthur. It can cause adjuvant constipation, epilepsy and diarrhea. "

Christmas snacks

If you take your hat or sore throat you should also forget the smoked snacks like potatoes or other marshes, dry breakfast, tea, etc. The doctor typically explains: The more you disturb your throat, the longer it will last.


Alcohol is shared by the same shelf with soft drinks containing coffee and caffeine. When you are in trouble, especially abdominal pain, it is not advisable. The corpse is a reduction in hydration of the body, increasing the dose of alcohol so your blood level increases rapidly – why are you coming back soon? Additionally, alcohol intensifies digestion and can cause diarrhea.

Dairy products

You may have heard that you can not eat milk products because they make more mucus and saliva. However, this is not an absolute truth. "The reduction of consumption of dairy products does not have any clear evidence to reduce mucus," Arthur said. There are still people who believe in it. Tip – If you are ill, you should not use them until you recover.

Fried fatty foods

Fried and fat foods are good for those with abdominal pain. "Fat foods are long burned, it may feel nauseous or reflex," Bhatia says. Diarrhea may cause diarrhea to cause muscle relaxation in the diet. Foods like fried potatoes, burgers etc. Spend a few minutes while you are healthy.

Zealous food

It is best to keep your senses alive until you get back into it. Chicken pepper and spicy sauce are a mixture of capsicin-nose chamber and more "release". T Bhatia says that if you suffer, you're busy, the intense food consumption will only worsen the situation. Well, if the nose is too tight, maybe it will help her "free".


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