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How to manage your money, so the bread only will be enough: many of the many suitable things for you

Those who live on the Soda Web site can see how much to earn a future project by reducing the pension and survival in retirement. For example, a 30-year-old worker with eight years of work experience is paid € 1,000 (no second leap in the second stage), Sodra's pension will be € 997, but the current value will be € 499. Therefore, in addition to getting your earnings for your retirement, unhappy residents can only live up to half of their income.

Under the old age, the state will not get adequate income, the retirement age will think about the population.

We want to care for your home

According to estimates by the Asset Management Company of the Asset Management Company in the autumn, a survey of the population shows that if people need money for retirement, they will spend most of their hobbies (45%). Those with economic freedom in the old age decide to foster their environment in Lithuania (39%). One-third (32%) decides to travel around the world.

As observed by Vyodotas Ruskus, head of the Investment Management Department of the company, we can talk about a person with a financial liability to continue to earn 70-80% after receiving a pension. Your current income. In this case, not to limit his standard of living. But how can this be done if the revenue from the second stake fund of the State Workers is not getting this share of the current revenue?

V. According to Rookus, a resident here should think at the most important time in a smart economy. "In the second stage of the pension phase, not only is there a pension from Sodhra but 70-80% of the funds are not adequate, so there are two solutions here: Save or Cautiously Protect," he said.

For the acquisition of knowledge. When investing in Foggloss savings, savings are invested in that much income that is much lower than inflation and raising prices.

How to invest in

Asset classes can be invested in investments expected to be higher than the lowest interest to maintain a deposit.

"The selection is simple: there are three types of goods, Lithuania's stock, bonds, and the most popular real estate – I would suggest a plus one, but it's more speculative – raw materials, collecting values, artwork, or even wine." However, I think the three people mentioned above are important , "V. He said.

As for the means to invest in listed assets assets, they are also very clear and not too large.

"For example, the direct purchase of a property is an apartment, purchased a bank in Latin Bonds. The second method is recommended for the ordinary people, must be a public company is to invest in the development of their own business. However, the most simple of investment funds created to invest specifically niksepikkalan Way.

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Benny is the most familiar with pension funds. Investment experts said that they were one of the most favorable choices for residents.

"They are more suitable for a person, because they oversee the state, encourage them, provide tax benefits and provide subsidies, so we can not do better as this alternative," said the representative of the Asset Management Company.

It is frustrated with fear and ignorance

Lithuania's residents are still likely to invest in real estate. Rwas pointed out. As the speech says, it reduces knowledge, economic and investment potential for the population. A part of the population from investing in equities or bonds can stop the fear of experiencing fears during the crisis and some investments will be lost.

"But more and more financial education is growing, more and more investors will be able to understand. For example, working for 14 years, and the second transit of the pension funds, the results are good or bad. It is difficult to find a person, or the loss of pravartticcatea this year. Valarccayuntakan the start of the pension funds, He said the number of ukalute kutivarikayanennum their number is on the rise.

On the other hand, the lack of psychological fear and the lack of economic knowledge of people still influences the choice of ways to care for future income.

"As we speak, the average returns of funds, for example, they earn an average of 8.5-9 per cent per year, considering the example of the United States, but if we look at the average investor, such kaivarikkilla income, due to the feelings of the investor, taking the wrong decisions, in the bottom of the crisis, increase your investment, or less, Nat, and continue to, it is a good time to think of a terror because of the need for you to start resuscitation. This enhances the differences between the achievements earned by funds and investors. Therefore, the best solution is periodic deposits, and bhayappetilla crisis, "- said the expert investment.

V. The ruckus deposits still strive to ensure that only a high amount of money can be saved.

"Of course, we kuraykkanamenkil 5 euros a month, and you know that you need to reduce your expectations. However, not only to survive, is to think about life, the future, if you make a deposit will receive a certain percentage of reward, think about it. A million, you may not have to invest in assets, and its ID, the large amount of tools to change large amounts, "they added.

Invest in a way that will be visible to your eyes

Thomas Pilipavikus, Director of Investor Relations, said that young people will be more active in investing in various asset classes. "The new generation already knows, we need help and we do not get help from the state," he said.

Lecturer opinion, be cautious about investments in the order, the older generation of people, because they will lead them to the sad experiences of the last financial pratisandhiyeateyullatea which are used in the investment vouchers, "a security risk. On the other hand, litvaniyakkar actively invested in real estate, retirement funds to secure it No way.

How to manage your money: many "data" -Capion = "Many of the methods suitable for © DELFI / Andrews Ututas
How to manage your money, so the bread only will be enough: many of the many suitable things for you

© DELFI / Andrews Ufarthas

To ensure that Lithuania residents could be treated as real estate investment, a survey by Resident Residents of Lithuania confirms the asset management firm INLL Asset Management. 52% of respondents ask which class is most trusted. Real Estate, 31% – Rent a home. One fifth (22%) pension funds are selected, 21% – gold and 10% deposits.

However, real estate investment is not profitable. Pilippavicyas reminded: "Stay still stays, the stock is still in the investment bhayappetumennum that, due to the appropriation of their value very quickly. You can see the daily changes in stocks niksepikkumpeal you. One day, it will start to sink half the price. The apartment, with its head N La will not be able to hold it back, and it still stands level. "

Last year's ITVL Asset Management Last year, Lithuania's investment management estimates that 17% of Lithuania's shares were sold in the last year, the housing rate at 7.7%, housing prices being 3.6% and long term boats in Lithuania 0.4%. Inflation was 3.7 per cent in the previous year.

Asked if Lithuania would change. The head of the investor said that the population will be more brave to choose other asset classes for investment and the stability of the Investor's Association to invest in the pension funds is likely to be ignored. "More steadfastness, more people believe in the system, the rules obey the laws, for example, the second stake is changing the rules of the pension funds, and what investors do not invest," said Philippevitch. "border =" 0 "width =" 120 "height =" 32

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