Wednesday , May 18 2022

It is suspected that pilots have noticed some unknown things in Ireland


British Airways pays pilot AnnouncedThis morning Shanan contacted the Airport Traffic Control Station. She wanted to know if there was military training in the area, because she noticed that she was "the fast moving object".

Air traffic controller assured that there was no training in the area.

A pilot flying from Montreal to Montréal and flying to the Heathrow Airport was very close to visible light on the left, then said "faster north".

The woman wanted to know what would happen, but she assured her that this was not a threat to the fact.

He also saw an unusual phenomenon in the Virgin Airlines Pilot, which is thought to be a meteor or other object in the Earth's atmosphere. They listened to "a lot of similar things to the same path." The Pilotus rapidly saw "light objects" on the right of the plane.

Another factor is that the material or objects move to "astronomical speeds".

What is this

Armag observer and Platyromic astronomer Apostolos Christou argued that the atmosphere of the earth is a very fast pace.

"Let's say that falling star," he said. – The witnesses said, they have seen a lot of light, so I think things or things are great. Definitely we can not say it. But the size of the walnut or the apple was taken from the description of the pilot, the cosmic powder, and the stones. "

The astronomer said that such a great phenomenon can happen in November. Every year it is considered 40,000 tonnes of cosmic powder fall to the surface of the earth.

The Irish Aviation Administration (IAA) is investigating this unusual phenomenon.

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