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J. Wangkunun's victory percentage: former Raptors coach succeeds in Toronto


In the end of the fourth quarter, the piston got lost in 104: 104.

The goal returned from a spectacular victory.

After Pistons' center Andrew Drummond of the Bast, JW Walziez was behind Rogi Bulak's first goal.

The pistons ball ball ball quickly pushed into the bart. Jwolensius handed the note to the opponent, but it was too late.

The Pistons defeated Torres Raptos 106: 104. 26:31, 27:34, 24:23, 29:16.

D. Knee jumped into the park and pistons R. Shocked the hero of Bleac.

"The team has succeeded me to be successful, the NBA is a player's league, not the players, not the coaches, but at the same time it's fighting for me people and people," says coach D. Pistons.

At the same time, Rappso's character, Kyle Lower, tied the knot in J. Wannensian.

Lithuania gave a lot of answers to the team and suffered a painful defeat.

Within 27 minutes Joe Vincciuos scored 14 points (6/11 DV, 0/1 Tret, 2/2 Bad), 6 balls to hit, missed 3 times.

The poet Leonard's "Raptors" team won 26 points, but there was the chance of wretched success, an incorrect moment.

Leonard made the first mistake in his career, the last or fourth expansion of the fourth quarter, but remained within 10 seconds.

Greg Munro and Pascal Siakom scored 17 points. Kyle loses to 14th place

The winners were Blake Griffin 30 (12th), Langston Galvoy and Reggie Jackson 13th.

D Kassi was a kind of vengeful, but he was very happy at the press conference after the training program. He thanked the beautiful video that was shown before the match. The club gave him an outstanding performance.

The stadium was given a previous coach, which was announced by Raipsa's chief Masai Ujjri last season.

"The Classical Organization, the best in all sports," D.

It is true that his pupils ran to the Raptors.

He asked about the recent attack on the Detroit team and its genius. Griffin Toronto organized: "The final attack of such a good coach has nothing new, perhaps a new general manager and support staff in Toronto."

Raptors scored 19 points on the way.

"We are not the most talented in the Eastern Conference, but we are very rough and struggling," Kassi said.

After 7 successive consecutive wins, the Raptors broke into their own for the second time.

Toronto Teams have not won the best start in the club's history – 2014-2015. During the season, the team's "Raptors" began at 13-2 with the same D.C.C.

For Rapters, the NBA East Conference leads to 12 wins and 3 defeats. Overall, the J.Valančiūnas club is equal to the Golden State Waizers (12-3).

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In this match, he played without Serp Ibacob's main center. So he took his place between the jawalcanacas pocket and the crucial "pistons" attack.

Danny Grin's third quarter was broken and the meeting was not completed.

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