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Kaunaya architecture criticized multi-project projects

According to the Kaunas Regional Architecture Council (RT), G. Kattakekicki and his partners are designed to meet the criteria of urban security in the multi-room of the NemunoArchitekt Office.

According to the counseling rat of the newly formed Emigration Center, the city's tons of urban development, Tone Jro and Jantosás Natkučís, for the integration of urban, landscape, terrain analysis, Tm rm is distributed.

The Municipal City Council announced that the affiliate project offices approved by the Kausing City ABS have already been accepted on October 2. A house in three multi-apartments Jusopavicius, 162 apartments should be developed.

The counseling rate concluded that the entire course of sustainable development does not fully comply with the lack of initiative of city initiative, and the development and development of Aikolo's development strategy. Landlords' solutions, lack of complexity, and lack of access to a senior citizen. Additionally, it is difficult to see that the building designed in the bridge's vast elaboration area does not affect the need for cultural heritage. The impact of the building is not being analyzed in the rail line.

The historical importance of the city of cultural importance is known as the integral part of the city's identity in the city's general plan. We reiterate that in the first city of the city we can not take into consideration the architectural integrity of one-sided consonant in the development of this city, Gaira Janilat-Bernot, chairman of the Kaunas Rating.

According to the RAT member, the structure of the building is non-functional in relation to the building's entrance, and is not appropriate for the project environment within the limits of the general public affected by the broken local community. It is a reflection of high quantity of butter in the production of the building. There is no problem between natural and urban environment.

As per the provisions of BP, the RAT recommends preparation of a city idea for the development of the Line City Center area of ​​the Kaunas City Municipality.

The unified concept of linear center migration is important in the sustainable development of the city. The rate recommended for this city court municipality is through a match. The impact of ban, heritage conservation, environmental protection, environmental protection and photography, project designers, shading and heritage are recommended to make a few project variations with their professional analysis. Submit a report to the Kaunas Rate

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