Wednesday , August 4 2021

Leo Post will not receive payment account services now Business

Fax is a transfer of information / documents from fax to fax number in Lithuania or post office receiver. The service is intended for private customers, but after the rapid expansion of the internet they have drastically reduced and are currently only used by some individual customers.

"The so called business mail is a Louthian postal service, which is used only by business customers, who call correspondence individually for their carrying. This service is replaced by a more efficient, automated system – we hope that the business Customers will be more friendly, "said Northberry Ziaaba, the marketing and sales director of Lithuania Post.

Asmenduks were installed in some areas of Vilnius city and in adjoining residential areas – the residents sent their shipments, and couriers delivered them. Because residents are not ready to use this service recently and prefer to deliver on self-service terminals, it has become non-profitable.

Lietuvias paštas also will act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller billing process, which will close the external billing module.

Customers from 2019 to 1 June will no longer be provided with a payment account service. According to the post, this product was extremely non-profit in the basket of financial services provided by the Leythian Post. 2017 Financial services income structure of the company, the payment account is only 0.04%, while the investment in maintenance of this service is hundreds of hundred euro per year.

"For our customers, we will provide all the necessary information about the possibility of opening new accounts in banks, credit unions or electronic money organizations" – M. Žiooba says.

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