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Look for five signs of diabetes found


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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common chronic diseases, and some patients do not even know the first symptoms. However, the most important is the rapid diagnosis of disease, which can help prevent complications.
Celebrating World Diabetes Day, the professionals are more sensitive to identifying this virus and identifying the notes. But the best way to calculate blood sugar levels and to ensure your doctor's advice.
Eurovision pharmacist Elva Ramaškienė Type 2 indicate that early diagnosis is important for diabetes and type 2 diabetes. True, Type 1 diabetes is more recognizable and more recognizable, and here is Type II – it can tune in for years.


"The first type of the disease, diabetes, insulin was discovered in the human immune cells to start producing pankriyalinre. It usually affects young people aged 35-40. Kemarakkarilum often occurs in children and diagnosis. This is paramparyattileykku lead, but the reasons are different. The second type of diabetes Coke Nayayi is determined by man's way of life, and of the disease or its complexity. This is common in older persons, "e. Says Ramak.
According to the pharmacist, the symptoms of primary type diabetes are much faster and appear more quickly. In the first five symptoms, high levels of thirst, excess urine, fatigue, weakness and significant loss of weight are reported. After some time there is another special symbol – the acete's aroma begins.
Diabetes type II is less clear. The symptoms of this diabetes are quite similar, but not very active. In addition, unlike Type 1 diabetes, the increase in body weight in this case significantly increases the intensification of obesity and obesity.
"Diabetes has already been diagnosed with diabetes, the most serious complications and the more serious it is, the greater the type of type 2 diabetes with the type of cardiovascular disease." Exactly this kind of diabetes can be completely restored to the entire body, "- notes E. Ramesh.
Not only the abortions, the only ones affected by vision, nursing, and kidneys are infected. Therefore, check and inspect the doctors in suspicious circumstances.

Checking – for everyone

It is best to determine blood sugar levels in suspicious situations. This is universal, especially family history, especially overweight and overweight.
"Older people often have problems with the liver, pancreas and heart ailments, and these diseases will encourage diabetes, and when the disease begins to collapse in a different body, it is less painful," said the pharmacist.
E. Ramaškienė indicates that diabetes will end with a very serious complication. If the flu symptoms are unexpected and influenza-free, it's best to find out what they have.
Every year in November, many health care institutions and organizations are more active in inviting them to bleed their blood and to see sugar in their blood.
Last year, Lutiana's four leading towns included drugs and drug addicts in the initial stage of the drug "slim" eurovist.
Among thousands of people, dozens had to send advice to family doctors quickly than high risk patients.
The largest drug stores in the Acropolis supermarkets of Vilnius, Kaunas, Claudius and Ciulia can be checked free of blood sugar on November 17-18.
Ramsk pointed out that there is no need for special training, but some foods advise you not to take it before checking because the glucose levels of blood are affected.

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