Monday , August 2 2021

Marius rapeseps speaks publicly about depression: one day I finally went to the ceiling

"It all started 20 years ago. Then I was described as a perfectist. I was very active in sports, I was very active, I was very active, and the cause of the disease was already there," Marius told the beginning of Bipolar disorder. .

As a psychiatrist, psychiatrist Jan Hilibig commented, bipolar disorder is most commonly found in people 18 to 20 years old. Signs of illness: elevated states change with depressive episodes when mood and energy fluctuations, tired or depressed. The disease progresses gradually. At that time, many changes are made in the lives of a young person, man's maturity, transition from adolescence, and many factors have been written on these factors, which make it difficult to consider the beginning of the disease. In most cases, bipolar disorder is diagnosed only when there are many accented signs.

"When it is high condition, everything looks great, mountains can be overthrown, you are full of energy, but when the black period ends, you do not want to do anything, you do not want to live. One day I finally went to the ceiling It's bad for me, my friends, my friends, and then turned to doctors and got bipolar disorder, "the actor explains openly.

"As a rule, depressive conditions last for longer periods of time. If depression is not treated, depressive period increases. As you grow older, depressive period can change twice per month. This encourages a large number of people Is, "The psychiatrist explains the nature of this disease.

Marius and the doctor emphasize both that these drugs are treated well. And, unfortunately, untreated, it can be a very sad result, which is released in a press release.

"The disease is very contaminated. One of my students suffered Bipolar disorder … He committed suicide after a depressive period," he said. Repsi remembers grief.

After surviving illness, after seeing its results for others, Marius boldly and openly speak. It emphasizes that talking about mental illness is not a shame, it is a disease similar to others. Actors went to the book "Dance with the Darkness" in their experiences. They believe that people who read it do not need help anymore.

"I'm in for treatment. I am against self-control because it will not help anything. Essential professional help" – says Marius and invites you to be careful for your loved ones – maybe they need your help.

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