Friday , January 27 2023

Mississance shared recent views of Burning Pete Bug: Fire looks like a desert


"The result of heat waves passed by Europe and its consequence as a consequence, unfortunately does not prevent Lithuania. Yesterday, the fire in Tacaccias Pete Bug in Silat district, collected all the services of all the firefighters. I attended the fire station today, I had a condition with firefighters Talked about, officials, – E. Mississance published their photos and videos It is written in the diary – firefighters and other service forces are used to localize the fire and reduce smoking. On yesterday, an army helicopter with firefighters decided to explore the possibility of air exploration and expansion of fire and the help of Latvian peers to fight this element. Then, after a possible change in wind direction, firefighters live on duty in the region The desert or peat burns, so in the next few days there will be no new fire.

The Prime Minister thanked the people who came in a hurry on Wednesday.

"I thank all the shoulder officers – along with other services and organizations for fast, fully integrated and professional work in all firefighters, hurry up and burn the fire as soon as possible, as well as the safety of the population and the support of the Lutian Armed Forces for the cooperation of our neighbors Latvian unity Thanks Giving We Can Do More Together! ", The minister writes.

DELFI remembers that a big fire broke out on Friday and was reported at the beginning of the 13th hour. Large fire-fighting forces arrived at neighboring towns, rescuers and trekkers from remote places – Palanga and Tourez firemen also arrived.

About 40-50 officers burned in roughly twelve hectare area, and firefighters also fired. Due to the very strong spreading smoking, people were advised to stay vaccinated, if they had only chance or did not want to go out at least. Fortunately, the most terrible prediction was not confirmed – the fire was quickly operated. Although the fire-fighting work is not yet completed, it is necessary to purchase and inspect the part of Petland, or where the ground is not under fire, the firefighters announced on Saturday that the worst was in the past.

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