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More than 2,000 euro computers: What's extra about that?

At this time in my hand, the Zenbook Pro UX580 computer, which acts like an animal at first sight, but despite all the admiration, using it for a long time, really tedious elements.

Powerful but not for games

The technical parameters are really impressive – the latest generation of Intel Core i9-8950HK processors, 16 GB RAM, 512 SSD, two video cards – Intel UHD630 and NVIDIA GFX GTX 1050T, a 4K display and a Windows 10 Pro operating system. You can only have more RAM and more internal memory. However, the current dimensions are also adequate enough for hard graphics functions.

Computers with such settings can play most games, but in the case of this notebook, the graphics card focuses more on creating some additional features for creative programs such as Adobe.

Asus Zenbook Pro 15

Asus Zenbook Pro 15

© DLFI / Roberts Normantas

This Zenbook Pro computer is a real animal for everyday work. Manage documents, write emails or edit photos is not a problem. It's good that with battery-typing or internet surfing, the battery has served me a little while and it's almost full time. True, the extra screen was off.

With the screenpad, life expectancy will be much lower.

The fact is that the computer is fast enough, so it is always possible to do the desired tasks on trips.

Any other experience to take full advantage of this computer. My main task is to shoot and install videos. So checking out how the notebook encounters these tasks was most important to me. While checking the phone, I want to shoot at the best possible resolution (4K), and then I need a powerful computer to install the goods.

Asus Zenbook Pro 15

Asus Zenbook Pro 15

© DLFI / Roberts Normantas

This Zenbook Pro is fully copied with the best quality footage, but it must be connected to the network when exporting the content. If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro installation program, when you export a video to a network without connecting to your computer, only the processor that grows up to the max is running. In addition, the final result is not necessary for use.

To use a powerful video card, the computer must be turned on to the network. Then things went smoothly.

Although it is very powerful, it works with graphics, video content or gaming, and requires extra cooling. Gaming laptops are heavy because they have installed an additional cooling system, but it is much bigger and heavier.

Although the SZ Zenbook Pro is highly ventilated with a very dual fan cooling system, while 4K video files were slightly affected.

Additional display for efficiency

The ZenBook Pro UX 580's biggest advantage and uniqueness is a 5.5-inch Full HD LCD screen (screenpad). It can display various controls and functions. For example, you can use it to control music, but with Spotify payment subscriptions, use the service on the screen and change the music you want. It is also convenient to use as a spreadsheet or a YouTube player. You can quickly launch some programs like browser or word on your computer, and in a particular app (premiere, photoshop, office), these can be fast-action links or side-screen with an extra screen.

Asus Zenbook Pro 15

Asus Zenbook Pro 15

© DLFI / Roberts Normantas

True, while installing a video in the Adobe Premiere Pro program, the following screen of the keyboard is not particularly convenient to look at. It's OK when you can use it as an optional display if you do not do this frequently. But if video creation is an integral part of your everyday life, then it is more convenient to connect more monitors and additional monitors.

Features like the best screenpad screen I have – it's used for Microsoft Office programs. As I launch the word, you open an additional toolbar so that you can get the font type, color or format, as well as save, print, open documents. It's also good that you do not need to switch keyboards to write numbers. This can be done in the supplementary screen.
It can also be used as a display of secondary windows so that you can expand your desktop, play a game or a movie, such as in any standard dual-image setup.

True, the screenpad enabled screen affects battery life. You can adjust the brightness of this screen, turn off its background image or turn it off if you do not need it. This computer will last longer.


With settings, this ZenBook Pro is similar to Pro Booking Pro 2018 (depending on alignment), but the price difference is approximately one thousand euro. Both computers have an extra touch screen, only Aasis is better in this context. In my opinion, the screenpad screen is more functional and more realistic than the touch bar of Macbook Pro on the screen keyboard.
ZenBook Pro also has 4 or touch screen touchscreen. This computer is already installed Netflix. For anyone with a subscription, you can enjoy the best quality movies.

It is a shame that the UHD stuff is not so much. But our TV channels only restore full HD image, so 4 or TV is not able to reproduce what can always be done. Of course, Netflix or Youtube apps are already installed in new models, where you can enjoy a brilliant view. The TV is not only in your hands, and is suitable for both computer function and entertainment.

Plus and teens

It looks really good, but the design is a very delicate thing. You may or may not like it. She liked the fact that she is compact and she is only 1.88 kg weight. It's not the easiest, but technical specifications are available, it's not that bad at all. Long business journeys are true and this weight can be very high. All day long wearing shoes and this weight looks very big.

I did not like fingerprints from the rest of the body. Need to save and sow more often. Fingerprint sensor lets you turn on the computer for safety. Very comfortable Comes too fast, remember to remember passwords if you do not use anyone.

Zenbook Pro laptops have various connectors – two USB-CS and two USB 3.1 ports and HDMI enjoy the fact. Just disliked by a micro SD card slot. If this computer is video-based, using regular SD cards is more common, so you will need to buy an adapter.

Of course, for many people, the price can be reached, which is 2599 euros in Lithuania without a discount. It's as numerous as the Asus computer, though with the best technical parameters.

Thanks to the Topo Center, which tested this Asus Zenbook Pro.

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