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Nemotas Nerkusia's loss: "The whole Lithuanian cinema died and is very difficult to continue" | Names

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Directed by Oscar Korshnov Written with this comment, she wrote about the loss of Lithuania after the death of e-Neckris 15 minutes:

"The ending of the Emdas nerocus is dead and the whole Lithuanian cinema died, and the world of Lithuania and the world has been lost to another whale, the world where I grew up, I understood the meaning of the work, or the fact that my FB Director died in the theater. Is changing.

From the first day of the "upcoming" start, I have always been discussing with the nicro-cosmos theater. For me, he is an important artistic criterion in drama. In the nicrobius theater lost its depth.

From the first day of the "upcoming" start, I have always been discussing with the nicro-cosmos theater. In Theater Theater plays a significant artistic criterion in Nostro. In the nicrobius theater lost its depth. There is no diving place. Isolated. This can be very difficult to stay. I did not lose his performances. I did not leave you Youth Theater for teenagers.

Pirozmani, Pirosmani, Quadra, Uncle Wania, I have never chosen this job if I have not seen it. These and subsequent demonstrations were not only my choice, but also a constructive path. We spoke to the Netsus.

Rarely, rarely. I had hoped for such a serious or totally simple conversation about the drama. I have always appreciated that moment. I think, here, we can talk about all things, and he understands the experiences I understand. For me too. This conversation will not happen again. "Keep silence" only. "

Look at the April / 15 mini photo / Oscar Corsanov

Look at the April / 15 mini photo / Oscar Corsanov

"Hamlet" is a classic actor with the director Vytautas Rumas He was Nebrazza always remembers the words. When he reminded them, he repeated You can not do anything.

He said: Nothing is impossible. Everything can be done at all. Inspire these words and move them forward. As you have been dead, we have not lost a great baggage, Lithuania loses a big champagne, "said Rumsaz.

Photo of TV3 / Vytautas Rums / Keys

Photo of TV3 / Vytautas Rums / Keys

The actor remembers that when he works with e-dengue, it always puts him on the road and needs to find new things. "For the findings, this path was always right on the side, and the manifestations – we've been playing" Hamlet "for years, and I've always been able to find new things, that's his fault, he gave instructions but why he left this place to understand why, 15 minutes V. Rumas said.

"I do not have my words, my journalist died, journalists call, say no, no words, and he's silent." Such words were written on Tuesday morning Andrews mammonosStudied about the death of director Imranas Nekrasios.

Emandas Nacrovasius was a solicitor of the Limerick National Opera and the Ballet Theater. Suguda StonniThey joined the Shakespeare's "Othello" tragedy. On the day that the director gave her Desdemona, Soloa remember – no conversations were accepted.

"For me, Emadas was a broad-based director, and when he was sixty girl, he laughed and said," I did not hear anything, you were not so old. "You were a kind of kind of person – when you talked a little, Nothing is what he wants to know, "said Stostitie.

The director is a wonderful man who listens to the spirit of each solistist who has an abnormal vision. "It's very hard when it comes to talking about a person, energy, personality and person about something and talking about something about a person, it's very hard, it's very hard, but it's like a magnet, a wandering windstorm It's a feeling, and it's a feeling, I do not want to say that a talent is outside, because it's so much more and I should be happy to have that experience, "says Sigtart Stoney.

Luca Balandžio / Žoniaė nuotr./Sigutė Stonytė

Luca Balandžio / Žoniaė nuotr./Sigutė Stonytė

Emden Necklace was introduced to her as a reward, a huge gift of all the short periods of hard work in theaters. "I've never seen anyone who goes into the inner world of the world, but it's a little less familiar to Imman that there is always a secret, it's only a few words, or my look is the greatest gift I've ever seen, that pride is the great strength of my trust in man. It does not matter much, "- the solicitor had shared his thoughts.

The director has worked together for many decades Asta Baukutė. After a few minutes of silence, the actress said that she did not miss the genre of the play but lost her heart anymore.

He said: "I know my mother who is a native of the country knows it." He was a genius, personally, I am grateful for silent lessons, but calmly walked the right way ". Acouk remembered.

In the second edition of Iksuroos he acted in the film Kermen. Unfortunately, no day light was seen.

"He remembers that the performance of an actress does not comply with the quality of the society, he really appreciated me and loved me, did not perform, and did not perform, and felt a big guilt against me, saying:" All my performances have been made, you're a poor person. "

Naurim Saakaco Photo / Asta Backut, Egluh Molinlinet

Naurim Saakaco Photo / Asta Backut, Egluh Molinlinet

The lesson of life was talked about the theater director and the director, remembering a moment from the hospital of Aske Backyard. As a student, the director was in the hospital when she had a heart attack. After the failed premiere, the actress mixed many thoughts in mind, wanted to escape from the city, returned home. However, the director encouraged and carried forward. A. Warmatt continued the way of actress.

"I've got a lot of lessons from him, and I have given me a lot of experience with Imminenti, and I've said about my life, and I'll only mention in a good word and always have a place in my heart," – said the actress. At the end of the conversation, A.Baukute said rhythmically for rhythm, which will be presented to the Lithuanian genius at the theater.

The actor was also shocked by the death of the director Kustutis Jashce, E. Neckarace's plays were Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, "That year, Home," "Song of Songs", "Fostus" and his "Love and Death in Verona".

Photo / Image of a private album Kesstutis Jakštas

Photo / Image of a private album Kesstutis Jakštas

He spoke of the Creator of a light reminder and did not collect words. "He was my greatest teacher and life and work should stand together, and these words are now stupid, they are not in any way." – A high-quality person has been raised, 15 minutes K. Jokstas said.

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