Monday , May 29 2023

"Neptune" is a test of the Greek basketball team


The Greeks started a strong season in the D team and won four consecutive victories in the first four Tests. In the fifth edition, when the match ends, they are among the leading positions in the Strasbourg SIG.

"The Greeks have become very unexpected about our group," said coach Casis Macquity's website – However, this is a good game in the Champions League and the local frontend. Parmeses is the right decision to win the match. Despite the international patriotic team making debut, there are many experienced players and good coaches. "

47 years old Guidance is a legend in the parish. In September 2013, this specialist club became the Sports Director and Chief Coach. A year later, it was the fourth division of the Kingdom of Primetes. One year later, it was the third successive victory in the Greek championship.

So, he brought the Guturus club to the highest Greek League, and last year, he along with the team traveled to semi-finals in the Champions League where he guaranteed the Champions League.

Promitheas retained the majority of players in last season, but it was filled with powerful newcomers. Their main character, Ron Braun, is 27 years old.

In the Champions League, Jonesva Katja's team in the final of the Champions League in 2016-17, The 17.9 points average basketball player in the final.

This season, Bruce's average profit is 16.4 points (Tresti 50%), 4.4 points, 2 Returns and 17.2 points.

Neptune trainer Speaking to the Macquitius Promorius the leader.

"We should stop the shock and the good knit Row Brown," said a psychiatrist. As a team, we must emphasize the rapid attacks of our opponents. Because it's a very good journey, especially for defenders, but it's not impossible that good resistance is going on. "

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The team has a loss – they do not play 5.8 points, defending the defensive of Lugstein Hall 3.8.

The interruption of midfielder Octavia Ellis, who lost the last match, is doubtful. The center is played at about 14 minutes. It is at 7.3 points.

"It's a very strong team with a lot of meteors and a fun game that shows a nice and beautiful basketball player, Jonas Moushulis, who represents Athens AEK last week, to say something about Prometheva." The Magnificis praised the opponents.

Kyle in the "Neptune" weekend allowed them a rest, and were recently injured by the knee. Still, the striker will be ready to play like the basketball players of the rest of the port city team.

Kloft will try to defeat the team's traditions and try to defy Homestay, failing in this Champions League season. Neptune will occupy the third position among Greeks during the victory.

Coach k. MacAwthites support more fans. The team has been popularized before.

If I say frankly that the team can play well, I feel a bit uneasy. – The opponents are not bad, but the attendance is decreasing. Because Kleppeda is always a "switzerland" atmosphere, sparters may parse the basketball ball. We hope that viewers will start to visit more and we play a more relaxing room. "

The contest "Stuvers" starts at 19 hours.

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