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Nobel laureate Huawei received an innovative solution


Gaming, virtual reality, movie lovers can take a break. The Cambridge University had won the Huawei Patent this year. Engineers promise that the improvement of the graph, which avoids unnecessary side effects, will soon be deployed to engineers immediately upon the patent all devices. By the way, in October this year, a new cooling solution has been applied to the flagship posts of the Mate 20 series, which appeared in daylight.

Nobel laureate Huawei received an innovative solution

Promises superiority and offers the latest technologies to the customers and promoters continuously invest in innovative work and development. In the last decade, Huawei invested $ 44 billion in research and development. Based on these studies, the company has developed a wide range of solutions to solve problems using smart devices.

Head of the Huawei Baltic Consumer Group, Yanfafi, has long sought a solution to overcome the cost of equipment. The phone says that the needs of the people are growing if it begins to develop more resources like gaming or virtual reality.

Previously, the development of smartphone games did not require much power, but the opportunity to play with other people on the Internet, began to demand more demand for gaming developers and phone makers. Additionally, virtual add-on reality realm platforms that require high graphic capabilities are fast approaching the world. Because the smartphone's graphics capability is often limited, the devices have a cooling problem. But that's a solution, "says Janpie.

Cambridge University scientists were brought to the attention of company engineers. With its excellent thermal properties, this carbon form has become the basis for developing a thermal film designed to increase the thermal efficiency of the device. Well, the above findings were not easy before patented.

Graff had to improve

The graph is best described as a graphite layer or carbon nano material with high heat strength. Some scientists call it "the king of modern things". According to Yafifi, you do not have to think about that name because the graphin is spending more than four times more energy than any other alloy, spending ten times more time than copper.

Graphine, like nano material, has good properties, and its use causes some problems. For example, when contacted with other objects, the shirt can be caused by a short circuit and adverse reactions. For this reason, Nobel prize winner Constantin Novoselov, a team of scientists at the Cambridge University, developed a powerful, improved or call-to-action network.

"The operating system has one or more active molecules that are included in the surface and prevents good electrical and thermodynamic behavior and prevents adverse interaction with other substances, and we managed to achieve a functional graphene film," explains Janfi.

He added that the newly-worked graphic will grow up to 50%. Improve heat efficiency. In addition, the use of graphene nano materials is in very high gravity of thermal efficiency of relatively smaller surface areas.

Future tools are used

The use of graphene is optimistic in the future and this technology solution is relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly. The existing technology can make it easier to create a functional graphon so that it can already be utilized.

As Yanfee says, the company has invested heavily in the development of the patent before filing the patent. Graffein developed and worked in the processing industry to obtain a thermal film certification. Allowing this, Huawei-owned technology will have a lot of applications in different areas. The earliest examples of this were presented in London in October.

"Our production targeted our company to overcome many barriers and difficulties, and Marshall offered 20 X's leading market, raising the production of mass of granfen film," a company spokesman said.

The device uses an innovative cooling technology, which includes a thin film with graphic film cooling system. Ensure that this tool keeps the low operating loader on heavy loads such as playing games or watching movies.

Kiran 980 chip, camera and other compressor components will be reduced to 1-2 degrees Celsius, using the Huawei Mate 20 XX phones. This is enough to heat or prevent the device. The company also plans to install a patent solution on all future devices.

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