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Pakruojis Manor – 40 meter long dragon and 10,000 impressive Turning-light bulbs

From a lucky dragon to a candy lodge

Pakruojis manages more than a month for about 20 kilometers of silk fabric and twenty light installations made of 10,000 light bulbs. The lights created in festival partners in China were brought by nine nautical containers. The team of Masters of China, who came out of China in Kaziganj, created these light sculptures for three weeks.

One of the most impressive installations of the Great Chinese Lights program is a 40 meter long dragon. In China, it is believed that dragons bring joy and successful decisions in the coming years. Other animals, such as the great deer, panda, flamingos, elephants and penguins, brought life to this festival. The gatherings of brothers and sisters gather together, after the big mushrooms of frog kingdoms and kit jewelry.

Cinderella's high celery and love chapel is in the courtyard of the Manor House. A Christmas Santa Claus agrees with the press's guests, in the stirred candle hold of Randiere Hurdes, announced in a press release.

Theatrical performance and Craft Fair with Chinese accents

"Cinderella" is displayed several times during the day during the Open Air Festival. Inside the scene, the mysterious, fire-breathing Chinese artists are concerned.

The creators came from China and presented their works at the festival fair. Those who want to look for a unique, bottle and vase made from within a few months. Pretty beautiful hair silk embroidered silk You can find the meaning of stamps in the history of dynasties, learn about a picture painted by a professional artist or get acquainted with the painting technique on rice paper.

Get warm and familiar with the Oriental test room. Chinese cuisine waits for you to taste exotic dishes and try the tea ceremony.

During the "Great Chinese Lights" festival, open and other oral places are open. Baronit invites the spicy spicy tour of the palace "Unpublished Manor Stories". The oldest manor gourmet meal is served with sweaty goat meat, and Žaldokas encourages on-site drinks.

Celebration 2000 years ago

"Great Chinese Lights" is an unprecedented event in the Baltic states, but there are deep traditions in China. It is estimated that the tradition of lantern festivals is more than 2000 years old.

"On the 15th day of the first moon month, the Buddhist monks published the lights in the temples, which were taken by the then Chinese rulers – the lights were burning in the palaces of the emperor and temples. Representatives of China-based partners who founded the delirium say that the origin of this festival is associated with celebration , So that people can remove the winter gloom.

Over time, bright people started to create colorful, complex design items, and such festivals became popular in other countries too. The story says that in the nineteenth century, Lithuania's landlord did not show interest in Chinese culture and weaving in the Far East. This situation was not fought by the owners of Pakujis Manor.

The Lite Festival will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 6 January. And on 25th December and 26th in Pakujes Manor

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