Sunday , March 26 2023

Porto and Celtic ended the show in the likes of CH, Ajax had a problem with the Greeks


On Tuesday, the UEFA Champions League third round qualifying meetings were played.

The Amsterdam Ajax team, which advanced to the semifinals last season, had a problem with the home team in Greece. Athens's PAOK team, which reached the draw in the first duel, went down 2: 3.

The Greek score was the first, but Ajax, who scored three 11-meter penalties in the match, also answered with three. At the very end of the meeting, PAOK cut the gap, but not enough time to finish the score.

Aside from the Champions League, the Porto team stayed this season, falling to the crescendo team with an unexpected home run score of 2: 3. Russia's opponents scored three goals in the first half and the advantage was :: 0.

Porto, with a 1-0 win over Russia, scored two goals in the second half, but that was not enough – the Russians advanced to the final round because of a goal rule away.

Glasgow Celtic, the home side of Cluj after a dramatic fight, went 3-for-4 after being out.

Apoil, Rosenborg, Club Brugge, Zagreb's Dynamo, Linz LASK, Piraeus Olympiacos and Crevana Zvezda crossed the road.


"Ajax" PAEK 3 – 2 (Overall score: 5-4)

Porto 2 – 3 Krasnodar (-3–3)

Celtic 3 – 4 "Cluj" (4-5)

Olympiacos 2 – 0 Basakshir (3-0)

Show Basel 3-1 (5-2)

0 – 4 by Farenquara Zagreb (1-5)

Kobenhavn 1 – 1 Krivena Zavezda (2-2)
(11 Year Penalty Series: 6-7)

Dynamo Kiev 3 – 3 Club Bruges (3-4- 3-4)

Rosenborg 3 – 1 Maryborough (6-2)

Karabag 0 – 2 Appl (2-3-3)

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